15 Weeks pregnant with #2 / Maggie is 19 months

It works out perfectly that I can often combine my weekly pregnancy journal posts with Maggie’s Monthly updates!

This past Sunday Maggie hit 19 months – it came so quickly all of a sudden I almost forgot. To be honest, 18 months felt like it was really long, which was nice because some months fly by.

19 Months of Maggie

This past month has been full of more speaking- Maggie is learning new words a lot more frequently now, but she is also still speaking a lot of “Maggie-se” as we call it. She certainly knows what she is saying or wants but we have to do some deciphering. The good thing about this for us is that Maggie knows some sign language (thank you, please, sleep, etc.) so she often will say things and also sign. She has learned “please” and “thank you” now but isn’t consistent – I think those ones take time! 😉

I have found in the eating department she is becoming a bit more particular – I refrain from using the word picky. I might have to brush on my toddler meal tricks from Ahuva that I shared in this post. I also really like Ahuva’s instagram as she is frequently sharing tips – yesterday she shared about giving smaller pieces/helpings of less desired foods (like hamburger in her example). It worked really well for her so I’m definitely going to try and apply this in our scenario too!

There are certain foods I can always count of Maggie to eat so if we’re worried we always try to pair things with her favourites like cheese, fruits, etc.

Beyond that – we are trying our best to enjoy the rest of summer despite the weird rainy weekends and unbearable heat that has been occurring over the past few days. We recently visited North Bay to see family for the weekend which Maggie enjoyed, have gone swimming at family’s homes, gone to the splash pad in Port Credit (Maggie also goes multiple times a week to another splash pad with daycare), and are headed back to the cottage this weekend and it looks like we’ll be able to enjoy the beach! To me, getting to finally take Maggie to do things has been nice but it’s definitely also a bit of a shock. I’m still not used to being around people haha!

15 Weeks of Pregnancy

I can happily say this past week has brought with it a huge decrease in my nausea! I am not feeling any nausea really during the day now, and only had 1 occurrence of my before-bed nausea (which likely has more to do with what I had for dinner than actually still being super nauseous). I am so relieved. I was starting to wonder last week if it was ever going to end. Obviously I still have some “triggered” nausea-if I don’t eat frequently, or if I see something gross. But it’s a huge improvement.

With my decrease in nausea I’ve also noticed an increase in energy – I have been able to work out more regularly this week. I have also been making an effort to increase my steps and walking during the day now that I’m feeling better. However, the weather has put a bit of a damper on that – I am so sensitive to heat/humidity when I’m pregnant and being outside for even a few moments in that weather can be horrid! Mall walking has been a decent alternative when I can go and on rainy days on the weekends.

I am feeling baby a bit more this week too – still early movements but I notice it more when I’m sitting during the day. I still use my doppler but not as often lately – maybe once a week. I promise I will do my upcoming post on that soon.

I have been having weirdly vivid dreams, which has been happening on/off throughout this pregnancy. My sleep has also been a bit restless already which I’m not happy about. I do find when I do get a good sleep it’s like I am dead asleep. I am totally thrown off when I wake up, and I sometimes feel really tired and out of it in the morning because of that. I am using my pregnancy pillow (for the past few weeks) and that’s definitely more comfy than regular pillows. I’ll share some of my favourite recent pregnancy purchases in an upcoming post – self care items, pillows, clothes, etc.

Other than that – I don’t have much going on! My next midwife appointment is in 2 weeks when I’m 16+6, and my next ultrasound will be sometime after I hit 18 weeks – our anatomy scan! We still haven’t decided what our plan is for the baby’s sex but we definitely won’t be sharing this time. It’s nice to have some part of this pregnancy to keep to ourselves & as a surprise.

Will update again next week! Thanks for reading as always.

P.S. You may notice some changes to the blog in the coming weeks – I am working on updating it to make it more aesthetically pleasing but also to make things more convenient. New feature images are part of that. I am also working on a catalogue of all the topics (general) so you can click into themes (fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, etc) and see all the relevant posts. As always you can also search – I have put the search bar feature back in on the right side of the screen if you’re on a computer!

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