13-14 Weeks of Pregnancy: Ready to Say Goodbye to the First Trimester!

Starting at week 13, I have started to feel a lot better than I have in previous weeks. I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of my nausea (I think) but everyday is different.

My Symptoms Over the Past Week

Nausea – decreased and mostly in the mornings now (whereas before it was all day and a lot when I went to bed at night). I had a stretch of days where I felt so good I thought I could stop my Diclectin – umm yeah, not yet. Apparently it’s been really dulling down my morning nausea which was horrid the time I didn’t take it. Safe to say I’ll be staying on it for a bit longer.

Exhaustion – I am still very tired. I took last week off working out more due to scheduling issues (busy week) but also because I was finishing up my course and was just ready to get into bed every night early! I seem to have a bit more energy some days but I am usually still pretty wiped by 7pm. I am hoping this changes in the coming week – last pregnancy the second trimester was full of energy for me so here is hoping this pregnancy is similar!

Cravings/Aversions – cravings are vinegar and anything that is vinegar-y like pickles, olives, etc. I love balsamic so salads and bread with balsamic/olive oil have been faves. Definitely having more of an overall ‘salty’ craving this pregnancy compared to last, though I still like my citrus fruits (same with last pregnancy)! In terms of aversions it’s mostly been meat – but all meat. Last pregnancy it was limited to red meat and any meat on a bone, this pregnancy I’m actually OK with meat on a bone but just all meat when it’s cooking turns me off a bit. It’s been hard – I’ve still been trying to eat it because I need the protein, but I’ve also been having chickpea burgers and other alternatives where I can.

Baby Movements

I have started to feel those early flutters over the past 1.5 weeks – so much earlier than with Maggie! I felt early flutters with her around 14 weeks, and they progressed around 16-18 weeks to “I’m sure that’s baby” movement. This time I have been able to recognize those early flutters a lot easier and earlier – mostly when I get into bed at night but over the past few days it’s also been when I’m sitting quietly. Maggie was very active throughout the day when I got to 18+ weeks, I am wondering how this baby will be!

Notably: my midwife did let me know baby was measuring 9 days ahead at our ultrasound at 12 weeks. I kind of had a suspicion baby was a bit bigger because of the CRL measurement (crown-rump length) for this baby compared to Maggie’s at the same gestation, but now it is confirmed! However, I am firm and confident on my ovulation dates as I was tracking (BBT/OPKs) so we are guessing baby is just a bit bigger but any changes in my due date will be assessed and addressed at my next appointment at 16 weeks.

Baby Heartbeat

I have been checking baby’s heartbeat about once a week with my doppler – I’m going to be writing a post about dopplers soon. I honestly don’t recommend them necessarily for those who don’t know how to use them (keep in mind I am a nurse) because I think they can cause more anxiety for many people. I do know that some people’s OBs or REs will suggest them and show their patients how to use them. My main advice would be to not be afraid to bring it up to your provider and discuss what they think, risks/benefits, etc. My post on this will definitely cover the research/data on safety, and current recommendations from reliable resources.

I have a lot of posts planned in the coming weeks and since I’m off school for a month I’m hoping to get through all my first-trimester related topics. Feel free to let me know if there is a topic I haven’t covered you’d like to see as the weeks go by! My social media pages are available on the Contact page.

I will touch base again just before Week 15 starts! Thanks for following along!

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