GUEST POST: Sample Activity Plan for 0-24 Months by @trishgoodbye R.E.C.E

Hello caregivers of the tiny humans!

My name is Trish Goodwin and I am an educator, and a mom.

During my maternity leave in a pandemic, I have realized just how difficult it can be to fill the days with an infant, especially without the support of family, friends and parenting groups. I yearn for a kinder gym, a mommy and me swim class, or an art studio trip for handprints.

In this discovery, I realized I could use my 10+ years’ experience in the field with my own child, as well as help other parents’ home during this crazy time through platforms like Instagram.

We all feel guilty as parents plopping our child in a jumper or pack and play to get responsibilities accomplished, but it is important to acknowledge that this time matters for the child too. Independent play promotes self-discovery, autonomy, and self-coping mechanisms. Setting up a “yes” space for a child with activities curated by the person who knows them best – you! – can make a world of a difference for both of you.

Remember that at this age all art activities should be process over product. Making a nice card or piece to hang on the refrigerator here and there is totally fine, but the idea is for the child to explore and experience the materials in new and engaging ways. Another thing to remind yourself when attempting activities with your child is that two minutes is a success. Infants do not have an attention span yet, and are still learning self-regulation skills. This will continue as toddlers and into preschool, and gradually as baby gets older their attention span will increase. If your child engaged long enough for you to snap a picture for grandma – the activity was a victory!

Hopefully this sample Activity Plan can give you some ideas for those long pandemic days stuck inside! Adapt them for your own child, your own needs, or what you have available.

Remember: Play is a child’s work!

Happy Playing,

Trish Goodwin R.E.C.E

Early Childhood Education Diploma – St. Lawrence College

Bachelors of Early Childhood Studies – Ryerson University

Certificate in Family Support and Community Practice – Ryerson University

Masters of Education (Current) – University of Ottawa

Instagram @trishgoodbye

Domains used retrieved from ELECT 2014

This template created with infant age group (birth – 24) in mind.

All activities should be partaken with adult supervision at all times.

Please note: I have included the activity plan here, but it is also available as a PDF if needed at the bottom of this page.

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