Flu Shot FAQ: This Weeks Summary

So if you didn't know, I am currently running a Flu Shot FAQ Reel Series on Instagram! Every day for about 3 weeks I will be debunking a flu shot myth or answering a flu shot question using facts + information from credible and reliable sources. I chose reels to do this because they're short... Continue Reading →

What I Loved About Midwifery Care

My obstetrical care during pregnancy was provided by a team of midwives. I loved it - my experience was, from start to finish, nothing short of amazing. My birth didn't go as I imagined but my care team (and my husband, of course) made it an excellent experience anyways. Now, before I get into why... Continue Reading →

What is This All About?

If you've come here, you're probably somewhat aware of why I made this blog. I am an avid twitter user, primarily in #NurseTwitter and #MedTwitter. Maggie, my 7 week old daughter, is the *official* baby of Nurse Twitter (just kidding, sort of). More recently, I also am involved in 'mom twitter', which is part of... Continue Reading →

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