Gift Guide: For One Year Old

Check out my previous holiday gift guide for Santa Sacks for 1 Year Olds here. Links updated!

This year I have to shop for TWO kids – it’s the first time and I’m feeling the pressure! But to be honest, our kids are super lucky they get tons of new toys throughout the year thanks to the nature of my part-time role here as a blogger and content creator. James has also been lucky that he got access to a lot of existing toys we had from Maggie’s first year that have stood the test of time.

There may be some re-links in here, but there will be some new suggestions too. Stay tuned for my 3-Year-Old guide, family experiences guide and favourite small shops of the year!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. There may be some links that are Like to Know It links too – I also may earn from these purchases.

James’ Current Favourites

Shop this list in one spot!

James isn’t one yet (OH MY GOSH BUT SO SOON!), but he is already starting to play with a lot of the toys I had on Maggie’s Christmas list at this age. Here are a few of our favourites that I can vouch for since we already own them. In the next section, you’ll find items on my Christmas list for him that we haven’t yet used.

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorter

This is easily on of the kids favourites! Maggie will still play with it with James. It’s durable + long lasting – such is the benefit of wooden toys and we are always big fans of Melissa & Doug. This is a great toy for “quiet time” before bed as your baby gets older too.

I’ll include this link too – this is a set that includes the shape sorter above with M&D’s wooden abacus! We also have this – I actually grabbed ours NEW from the thrift store, it was a great find.

Mega Blocks

A great toy with longevity. Yes, they are not wooden – but to be honest, at a younger age I find kids need blocks like this vs. wooden or more “aesthetically pleasing” blocks. When they’re 2.5+, then those work better – but when they’re learning these are great. Again – Maggie still plays with them at nearly 3 years old.

Hape x Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano

L-O-N-G-E-V-I-T-Y. Again, this is a great toy for 1-3. James enjoys it and has learned how to make sounds on it, and Maggie will still play with it too. It’s cute and small so easy to store during toy rotation. I love the quality of the Baby Einstein x Hape musical instruments too that’s why we also have…

Hape x Baby Einstein Magic Touch Drum

This one is definitely James’ favourite for musical instruments! It’s easy for him to use and again – small, flat and easy to store during toy rotation time. Both the instruments turn on and off and have volume adjustment. Another perk for parents.

I do have a Hape code if you’re shopping directly with them: KATEONTHEBLOG for 10% off your order on their website!

That’s Not My… Books

Some of my favourite books for the younger toddler age are the “that’s not my…” book series by Fiona Watt. They are sensory books and they’re so cute. SUPER easy + quick reads which is a must at this end of age 1, and they’re great for baby’s to play with on their own too. We have so many!

Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy

Bath toys are popular with both my kids – this one we’ve had for awhile and it’s a kid favourite (both of them love it). It is battery powered but it lasts quite a long time. Simple idea that gives kids a whole bath time worth of fun.

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

Again – a toy that carried over from Maggie’s infancy is a favourite of James’ now. However, we lost many along the way so I just grabbed a new set for him for Christmas. Balls and throwing/tossing are a big part of a child’s development and these ones are sensory friendly as well.

Just watch if you have a dog who also likes balls!!

Mizzie the Kangaroo Teether

We were introduced to Mizzie the Kangaroo a few months ago – and it’s like Sophie but cooler because it’s Australian. They’re now available in Canada and at Toys R Us! Mizzie can come in full size (click link to see) or in miniature teether form. Both are good for teething. Check them out as they also have a ton of other games and books for older kids! I’ll probably shout some out in my post for Maggie.


I share our faves on my Instagram all the time, and to be honest I buy clothes frequently so I don’t go crazy at the holidays. I ask for pajamas from family for the kids, and usually grab the 1 additional piece each. This year both kids got a new outfit or piece from Deux Par Deux but Maggie saw me open it so they already have them ha… so I also got them just one additional thing each just from Marshall’s. I got James’ a grey sweatsuit – nothing exciting, just basics!

Christmas Wish List Items for 2022

Shop this list in one place!

I combine the kids Christmas and birthday lists since they’re early winter babies (Jan/Feb).

Perlimpinpin Sleep Sack

We actually have a muslin one, but we always need more. I have about 2 that still fit currently for James, but he sleeps in one every night so having more on rotation is helpful. I love the quality of this brand + that they’re Canadian.

I also added this Amazon one to our gift registry for Christmas for him. Under 25$!

Object Permanence Box

A little late to adopting this one, but I still think James would enjoy it and learn from it. Under 40$ on Amazon.

Waterproof Bibs

We always need more smock style bibs – we have the IKEA ones however I was there last week and they’re now 9.99$ each and these ones on Amazon are 3 for 23.99$!

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Wooden Tower Toy With Hammer

James literally loves this little toy hammer we have – so two toys on this list involve them. This one is actually for 2-4 years but I figure Maggie will play with it and James will end up playing with it too – it will just be monitored play because little fingers!!

Silicone String Toy

My child is obsessed with strings and my daughters play necklaces and pulling on cords- and he gets very upset when those get taken away from him. So, I thought something like this might suffice!

We Wish: A Wagon

Something we’ve put on both kids lists this year is a wagon. We really want to get a new, heavy duty one. We saw so many families with them at the zoo and other outings this year and we realized how ideal it would be to have one for next summer! It’s a dream, but if we don’t get one we’ll put some money away to get it before the summer comes. I know Wonderfold is a hugely popular one, but we also looked at this Evenflo Xplore too – which is probably more in our budget, although I may peruse Facebook marketplace!

I also asked for pajamas (as I mentioned) for both kids and socks!

Stay tuned for my 3 year old gift guide coming ASAP!

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