The Quook Baby Food Processor by Quark Baby: Product Review {SPONSORED}

I recently reviewed the Quark Fruuti silicone feeder here, and now that we’re fully into our solids journey (which I will update about in our 7 month post) I thought I’d review Quark’s other great product – the Quook which is a baby food processor.

Debating between purées or Baby Led Weaning (BLW)? Check out previous posts on this topic – BLW Crash Course with Modern Munch Nutrition and Intro to Solids Brief FAQ. I also highly recommend the Koble app which has tons of courses, led by professionals, available at the click of a button! Check it out here and use my code {KATEONTHEBLOG} for a discount.

Disclaimer: this is a paid, sponsored post however my review is honest and complete, unbiased and objective. Nothing in this post should be interpreted as medical advice.

Wait, I’m doing BLW – can I still benefit from the Quook?

Yes – and this is because, even with BLW methods you can use the Quook to steam foods! For example, if you use the Solid Starts app or follow their blog, you can see that many fruits and veggies are often steamed earlier on to make them softer for baby (like broccoli!).

It also also ideal if you’re pursuing a mixed method for feeding – both BLW and purées. And of course – perfect if you are just doing purées to start.

There is no right or wrong! Just what works for you.

Oh – there is another feature too! It’s also a bottle warmer. Ok. So it’s useful even before you start solids (if you give bottles).

The Quook

Selling Points

So we’ve used this a handful of times now as we decided to start our solids journey with a few tastes of purée and then we also used to make an apple sauce for James (sugar free!). I never used the bottle warmer since my tricky baby doesn’t take a bottle (that’s fun when I want to step out), so I can’t comment on that feature specifically.

So one of the features is the blender – which works great, and I can attest to the steamer too. We used both when making the carrot purée. It has a touch display so it is very easy to use in terms of adjusting the timer and the setting it is in (steam, sterilize or the blend features; bottle warm; and power). When using the blender you can choose auto or manual blend, depending on what you are blending and yours (or your baby’s) preferences.

There is also a water indicator when it is low and the machine lets you know when that is the case or when your food is ready!

Another amazing feature of this food processor is the fact that the blending cup is made of Tritan! Tritan is what you find in a Nalgene bottle and is super durable and should not stain. We did have a slight staining incident with the carrots – however with a very thorough wash, it disappeared. Crisis averted.

There is a steaming cup within the blending cup and it has an anti-scald handle for safety. All the parts of the cup are dishwasher safe! We don’t have a dishwasher (I know, we’re living in the 1800s) but if we did I would absolutely love that.

But beyond the cup – the rest of the machine is self-cleaning. You can fill the cup with water after you’ve made your food and run an auto cycle. Ta-da! It can also sterilize parts from your bottles or pacifiers! Another bonus I forgot to mention above! You can use the sterilization feature after the self-clean to make an extra clean processor.

I think that is my absolute favourite feature – that it basically cleans itself!! We did use this feature with each use and I never had to do any extra cleaning beyond the cup with the carrots!

Even though I didn’t use the bottle warmer, I love that feature too because it makes the processor multi-use which is amazing for those of us who have smaller counter top and storage spaces in our homes. I will say though – that it’s quite small and stores easily in a smaller space!

The touch screen!


I don’t really (again) have any cons for this product. It works well with the foods we’ve used in it, cleaned easily and was easy to use. Both my husband and I were able to use it if that gives you any idea about ease of use!

As I mentioned our only issue was that ?stain but it did go away with a thorough second wash. I did e-mail the brand about this concern so they were aware as well.

Rating: Another A+ for Quark

Lets talk pricing – this food processor is priced at 199.99 CAD(*amazon associate link, I may earn from your purchases). There are certainly cheaper options available just from a quick amazon search, but when you factor in the bottle warming feature and some of the selling points I’d say it probably is worth the investment, even just for the durability of the Tritan blending cup. I also don’t see the bottle warming feature on any of the others that came up in my search – though I’m sure there must be similar offerings elsewhere.

I read the Amazon reviews – there are only 13 but 12 of them are very positive and only 1 is critical and it looks to me as if these people don’t know how to use a baby food processor or were blending something odd? Or they didn’t clean it? I’m not sure.

Either way – we love it and will continue to use it as needed in these early days. Then we’ll store it for… a rainy day 🙂

You can read more about the Quook on Quark’s website here.


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