Back to School? Here are the Family Friendly Cold Weather Accessories You Need! {SPONSORED BY HOT PAWS}

Getting ready for back to school? We aren’t yet but we are sure getting ready for fall and winter which are (sadly) coming in hot here in Canada. I’m going to share some fall/winter accessories we have received recently for our whole family that we are loving!

But first, a quick disclaimer. I always love to work with Canadian brands – so I am happy to say that this post is sponsored by Hot Paws Canada! We have been long-time lovers of Hot Paws, with most of Maggie’s winter accessories over the past 3 years coming from them – so this is very much a dream collaboration for me. That being said – the sponsorship does not impact my opinion of the products, and while this is not a product review, I would not recommend products on this blog or on any of my social media channels that I do not truly like or find to be good quality.

What is Hot Paws?

Hot Paws is a Canadian company that began in 1976 simply making gloves (hence the paws)! However, they have expanded since then and now make a whole retinue of cold weather accessories and apparel. Their products are Canadian designed for us Canadians and our cold weather!

With 50 years of cold weather wear experience, they are a staple brand in any Canadian household and they know what they’re doing. Their stuff is warm, durable and of high quality for an affordable price.

What I love most though? That they’re so proud to be Canadian. I love being able to work with and support a brand like Hot Paws – especially because we truly already loved them! Maggie has actually been featured on their page twice, much before we ever discussed a partnership! So cool.

Family Friendly Cold Weather Accessories

Hot Paws is launching their new 2022-2023 apparel + accessories this month! Our family has been so lucky to get a sneak peek and we’re loving what we see so far – and yes, they make accessories and apparel for the whole family. Dad, mom, brother and sister. They’re all covered! Check out what we received below – you can shop for your family online at or in store (you can find Hot Paws at Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger, Walmart and more!). You can also watch my reel here to see Maggie try her items on for the first time – she was so excited, it’s adorable.

For Dad

For Dad!

Above you can see the Men’s Knit Winter Hat (12.00$!!) and Genuine Leather Gloves (36.00$). I love a good pair of weather gloves in the winter time, and the hat is totally my husband’s style. They have lots of basic options for men – perfect stocking stuffers for the height of the winter or just something good to grab as the cold weather approaches.

For Mom

For mom!

For me, mom – I received the Knit Mittens and matching Knit Winter Beanie. Pom pom beanies like this are always a favourite for me! I think they look so cute. I also love a good pair of knit mittens when I’m walking the dog or not playing in snow. They have lots of more snow-play friendly options for gloves/mittens available though – check them out here.

I also received a beautiful blanket scarf that matches so nicely with my set! I have a collection of scarves that I love for fall weather, and I’m so excited to add this beautiful piece to it! I also saw that they have adorable infinity scarves here – I love an infinity scarf as the days get really cold because it wraps up all nice and keeps you cozy!

Loving the neutral colours and how warm everything feels! I can’t wait to wear these even though I’m trying to enjoy that last bit of summer.

For The Kids

Finally – the kids stuff. My absolute favourite! As I mentioned, Maggie has been wearing Hot Paws gear since she was little. We love the quality and the styles for her. One of our favourite hats was the same style as the grey one for James (pictured just above) with the ear flaps! I love that all their kids hats have ear flaps.

You can shop their Newborn/Infant headwear here, including the pictured Sherpa Beanie. The knit hat with the pom pom is 12 months to 24 months and can be found here. Maggie’s OG Hot Paws hat is still available too, it is the Patterned Knit Hat (there are matching gloves too).

She is loving her new accessories though! Mostly because their pink!! Pink stuff makes her more likely to want to put it on- hopefully that fact holds true through the colder weather haha!! Maggie’s wearing the 2-6 Yr Kids Winter Hat. Isn’t she cute?!

Highly recommend Hot Paws for their sets! The quality is the best and I love the colours they have available for both kids and adults. You will see us in these accessories all fall and winter long!

Happy shopping! Follow me on Instagram for more family friendly clothing recommendations and more, @KateOnTheBlog!


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