Podcast Episode: Ep 35 Certified Sleep and Parent Coach Cayla Answers More of Your Questions!

That’s right! Cayla Solomon of Sleeping Beauties (@officialsleepingbeauties on Instagram) is back on the podcast answering all your submitted sleep questions!

The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms under Elephant in the Womb!

A podcast brought to you by Elephant in the Womb blog (www.elephantinthewomb.ca).

Disclaimer: this podcast is for informational purposes only. This is NOT medical advice. If you need medical advice, please see your doctor or healthcare provider.

I am chatting with Cayla Solomon of Sleeping Beauties. She is a Certified Sleep and Parent Coach. Several weeks ago I called for questions and got so many submissions as usual! Cayla addresses all submitted questions in this episode. We’re talking first about the new SIDS research and AAP updates – so there is a trigger warning in this episode. The rest is sleep talk across the life span – including a little bit about tweens & sleep! If you love this episode, like us or hit subscribe! Cayla will be back on again soon.

Note: I mention a post about constipation in little ones, here is the link to that post.

Updated AAP Recommendations can be found here.

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