Quark Fruuti Feeder Review {SPONSORED}

My first official product review – and it’s for a very simple but GREAT item. If you don’t know what the Fruuti is, it’s a silicone mesh fruit feeder for babies. That means you can put your desired fruit pieces inside of it and baby can suck on it or eat it via the silicone tip.

Disclaimer: this is a paid, sponsored post however my review is honest and complete, unbiased and objective. Nothing in this post should be interpreted as medical advice.

So I’ve never actually written a formal review before – but I really do think it’s something I’d like to start since I am so lucky to get to try out so many different baby & family products. So here is my first attempt – let me know what you think in the comments or via my social channels!

Silicone or Mesh Fruit/Food Feeders

You know that I cannot write a post without discussing pros and cons of the product/concept in general. Before I get into the specifics of the Fruuti, I just wanted to talk about fruit feeders in general. There are now tons on the market at varying price points by different brands. As I mentioned, they are great for feeding your baby fruits but you can also do much more with them.

For example, you will see in this post that we have not used the fruit feeder for fruit but have put frozen breast milk in it! This is a great option for babies who are not quite ready for solids (but have a decent grasp) or who are teething. Frozen breast milk in the feeder gives them something tasty and baby-friendly to chew on so it can be a great relief for sore gums or just to give baby something to do to “participate” in family meal times.

In terms of safety and science behind these contraptions – there is of course, basically no information. From an outside perspective, as long as there are no small pieces they should be relatively safe. Many may also be concerned about what type of plastic or material they are made of – of course, each product will be different and you would have to do that research yourself before purchasing. I will discuss the specs of this product specifically below though.

I was able to locate this article on Parents that includes a discussion of these feeders with a dietitian. The dietitian recommends not overusing (which is the recommendation for pretty much any baby toy or product) so that it doesn’t interfere with the baby’s ability to learn to eat with a spoon (or their hands), or their ability to chew. A second dietitian in the post gives a few pointers such as not saving leftovers due to bacteria buildup risks; use only during meals not as a distraction; and stop using after 1 year of age. I think all of that sounds like good advice – but of course, I’m not a dietitian (but I bet there are lots of resources on IG!).

The Fruuti

Here is a link to the Fruuti on Quark’s website.

Selling Points

So instead of going through each aspect of the Fruuti, which you can easily read on the website yourself, I am just going to talk about the aspects of it that really appealed to me followed by any cons or negatives.

The feeder comes in a few parts but is really easy to assemble following the instructions that come with it. I did not have any difficulty putting it together. You should always wash + sterilize these types of things first too, which the instructions highlight of course. My preference for sterilizing is using sterilizing bags, which you can order on Amazon(*amazon associate link, I may earn from your purchase).

To fill – you can put on the cap and stand it right up on your counter. This is seriously like magic to me because I found my previous one challenging to fill without making a mess. This limits the mess, is sterile + clean because of the lid being on over the silicone tip, and is just really cool.

The feeder comes with 3 silicone tips – one for when baby is smaller and two bigger sizes. The smaller size is similar to a pacifier shape and the bigger one is wider basically allowing baby to take in more food.

My absolute favourite aspect of the feeder is the rotary propulsionor in simple terms, that it can be turned to move whatever is in it upwards towards the baby’s mouth or the tip of the silicone feeder part. The feeder I had used with my daughter in the past did not have this, so I found it very impressive. The handle – which is easy enough for my 4 month old to hold onto – is where you turn to move food or in our case, frozen breast milk upwards.

One other cool perk is that you can attach a pacifier clip to the feeder so that baby doesn’t drop it on the floor! Genius.

I mentioned the product was easy to assemble – it’s also easy to disassemble and clean. Since it comes in a few parts, you can really give it a good cleaning to make sure it is bacteria + gunk free for the next use.


Now, I haven’t used this for fruit yet, so I can’t really comment on if there would be a difference- but I honestly cannot see there being any particular challenges with it. Normally an issue I have with these feeders is cleaning, but as I mentioned these are pretty easy to clean because it breaks down into parts so easily. It also comes with multiple tips you can remove so you can clean them and rotate them if you want so you get a chance to sterilize the used ones.

Perhaps a con could be that the propulsion is not easily done by the baby – so mom or dad or guardian or whoever has to do it for baby, but that’s not really surprising for a baby under 1 years old feeding themselves something. They need help and monitoring. It doesn’t make it any extra work really.

Rating: A+

For the price point this is – 19.99$ CAD – it is a perhaps an “investment” but a fabulous feeder. I did a quick search on Amazon to see comparable prices for other feeders and there are definitely some for less – about half the price or slightly more than that, but some of the stand out features I mentioned above are lacking. There are also some for more which also don’t have many of the features of the Fruuti.

This feeder is durable because it comes apart and can be cleaned so throughly. The handle is also unique in shape and my son demonstrates how easy it was for him to hold – I literally just gave it to him and he was able to hold it and bring it to his mouth with ease. I also think the fact that it can be filled in a touchless manner is a huge bonus and something that sets it apart from other options.

I truly think this is a standout fruit feeder and we will continue to use it when we start solids in just over a month. You can grab it on Amazon or on the Quark website!


3 responses to “Quark Fruuti Feeder Review {SPONSORED}”

  1. I absolutely love this fruit feeder for my baby!


    1. I’m so happy to hear that you love it!!


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