4 Months of James: Let’s Roll!

Here we are again, another monthly milestone post. I felt that 3-4 months felt “longer” than usual and I really took the time to appreciate that. Sadly, I have been so busy creating content for Instagram and recording podcast episodes (and living my life of course) that I haven’t been updating the blog as much as I would like. Goal for June is to be more consistent. Writing is a real outlet for me, so taking time to sit here and get a post done is actually surprisingly cathartic and needed at the end of a long day.

You can read James’ previous monthly updates here.

Disclaimer: this is not medical advice nor should it be interpreted that way. Please seek medical advice from your healthcare provider. Please be also aware that some affiliate links may be used in this post, in which case I may earn from your purchases.

4 Month Milestones & Abilities

So 4 months is the beginning of a whole new “stage” of development, lasting until roughly 6 months.

As I mentioned in my last post, James had started rolling at 3 months – pretty early on! He is now a rolling machine. Today I put him down in one spot and he ended up in my closet! He can roll both ways – back to tummy and tummy to back, which is one of the 4-6 month milestones. Keep in mind there is a range there – so don’t worry if your little one isn’t doing that yet, they still have lots of time.

See below for some other anticipated milestones this month up until 6 months:

James, of course, has not achieved all of these quite yet. What he is able to do so far (in addition to rolling): pass toy from one to hand another while lying on back and he has started to reach for toys during tummy time (these are both motor milestones). He also grabs his feet on his back which in my opinion is the cutest baby thing ever.

In regards to sensory milestones he: explores using both hands; generally happy; puts everything to or in his mouth; calms with rocking or gentle touch; not upset by everyday sounds; and he likes different movements.

Communication milestones: reacts to a sudden sound; listens to and “responds” when someone speaks to him – in his own way of course; makes different noises to express what he is feeling; pays attention to noisy toys (he really likes his squeaky Mizzie the Kangaroo that was gifted to us); and babbles (and squeals) for attention.

And finally, for feeding: he is definitely starting to show interest in our food. By interest, I don’t mean he necessarily wants “to eat”. He just is more interested in us while we eat. We will not start solids for another 2 months as per current recommendations and based on his signs of readiness. We will be following BLW (baby-led weaning) again!

In terms of 4-6 month abilities, James has become a lot more responsive and interactive. He is a very talkative boy and likes to make all sorts of noises. His newest ability is blowing bubbles with his mouth. I keep a small toy rotation going for him at home and in our diaper bag when we’re out so that he gets to touch and feel a variety of different things – with his hands or his mouth. He also likes rattles and toys that squeak or make noises.

His tummy time positioning is getting much stronger – he naturally goes up on his elbows now and can comfortably stay there for some time.

I may have mentioned before that car rides have been a bit of a struggle for us – they have improved significantly lately. We still get the occasional crying but it’s usually related to hunger or tiredness. Our short drives in the morning (about 24 min there and back for daycare drop off) he is usually able to do without crying and if he is tired, he often will just fall off to sleep on his own now in his carseat. This was not a struggle we had with my daughter – she always fell asleep in the car until she was almost 2! So this was new for us, and I was a bit concerned – but he seems to have settled now and knows how to entertain himself a bit more (car seat toys help!).

James loves his bath time – him and Maggie take a bath together now and he enjoys just watching her play with her toys. He is always happy in the bath and it helps him get sleepy for bed time (we use Hello Bello night time wash which smells wonderful).

Wonder Weeks: The Dreaded Leap 4

I’m not gonna lie, this leap sucks. It’s full of so many development changes (as you can see above) so it is super long. The worst part for us is the sleep disruption – which is definitely the way James is manifesting this one.

Read about Leap 4 on the Wonder Weeks website.

James has been having a ton of night wakings on and off lately. We get a night or two of 2-3 wake ups, then some with even longer stretches of sleep (7-8 hours) but then the next night he is up 4 times! There is no rhyme or reason most nights. We have a consistent bedtime and routine, and he is always easy to put down. Most nights he can be laid down awake and put himself to sleep but some nights he still needs some help (which I am happy to give). We recently went to the cottage for the second time this year and he was not a fan, where as the first trip he slept really well at least one of the nights. I came home this Sunday feeling like absolute garbage because he would not sleep – we ended up doing a full night of co-sleeping because I just could not function. Once we got home though, he slept amazing back in his usual crib (8 hours straight)!

As an aside re: sleep – we are still loving & using our Love to Dream swaddle. It took us 2 nights to transition from winged to sleep sack. We will be using it in rotation with our new Perlimpinpin sleep sack now though. I’ll let you guys know how that is going next month!

Use my PERLIMPINPIN code, good until July 6th, 2022: KATEPP25

He’s also been on and off fussy, but he is still mostly a very happy boy. I just notice more fuss when he wants or needs something – like when he is tired or hungry. He’s definitely a bit more cuddly at those times too. When he’s breastfeeding he always has his hand on me which is so cute. Mood swings are 100% happening here, but again – he is mostly a very happy guy.

We did discover during this leap that James is a thumb sucker! Maggie never was, so again – a new thing for us! Crazy how different two kids can be. He mostly does it when he’s bored, as he’s discovering his hands and mouth. I just hope it doesn’t stick around too long – I’ve been redirecting to teethers where I can but also know that it can be normal (I just don’t want it to last too long haha!).

In regards to skills – James is meeting all the expected leap milestones except using consonants – though I am starting to hear more variety in his babbles than before. I definitely do not hear “mom” or “mam” mixed in there quite yet!

The 4 Month Appointment

I will be doing another post like I did for 2 months on the expectations for this appointment (immunizations, at least in Ontario, are the same as the first visit) don’t worry! But for now I’ll share our experience.

James now weighs 13 lbs 8 oz! He gained over 2 lbs from his 2 month visit – which is normal. His growth curve percentile has changed though but I’m not concerned. He eats well, poops a lot and is a happy guy. This also happened to my daughter around the same time – she sort of “dropped off” around 4-6 months and then slowly climbed up slightly to what is now the growth curve she remains on. I will take him for a weight check at 5 months just to monitor. I’m convinced that my placentas are powerhouses and that my kids would not be pushing 9 lbs in anyone else’s wombs because then they regulate to their “smaller” sizes ha!!

Concerned about your child’s growth chart? Read this post + talk to your provider!

James met all his milestones for beyond 2 months, including visual tracking. His check up went well and there were no concerns.

He was an absolute CHAMP for his vaccines – he only cried for a minute and then he nursed and was back to his happy self. He took a nap in the car on the way home and was only a little fussy in the evening. I gave Tylenol as recommended by my doctor to help with his injection site pain (definitely what was bothering him so I was careful when I picked him up too) just once and he’s been OK since. Back to his normal nighttime wake up routine….

Likes & Dislikes

James stays pretty consistent with what he likes – his family! He also went through a period this month of “stranger danger”, even with our extended family but that seems to have completely tapered off now.

James really likes seeing himself in the mirror this month – he smiles so big! As I mentioned, he also likes his thumb and is still loving (even more than last month) his Nuby teethers and his Mizzie which I linked above!

He has also been extra attentive to the dog.

In terms of dislikes – the car still when tired or hungry. When his sister cries – he also cries. Once she stops – he does too. It’s kind of cute but also not great haha. He also dislikes beds that are not *his* bed at home (we have our old bassinet up at the cottage and he is not a fan).

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