The Last Minute Shopper’s Holiday Gift Guide for Two Year Olds!

That’s right – I realize it is December 22nd and I fully intended to make this post way more in advance of the holidays, but hey welcome to my hectic life and my pregnancy brain, going strong. I have Maggie’s gifts all wrapped & packed in her Santa sacks, so figured I’d share what we got for her this year as I was pretty proud of myself for my wide selection! I’ll also share some things she has been given thus far from family, as most came off our suggestion list (her birthday and Christmas are close together so I try and make a joint list of ideas for family).

So here is my last minute shopper holiday gift guide for a 2 year old! This would also be a great page to save for birthday ideas!

Please note that I do use Amazon associate links in parts of this post (will let you know by noting the product is from Amazon) and I earn from these purchases.

Holiday Gift Guide for Two Year Olds

Mine to Love Melissa & Doug Doll (and Accessories!)

This was the top item on my list this year for Maggie. Mostly because she is about to be a big sister and I thought the doll (from the suggestions of others as well) might help her to prepare and give her a baby to care for with mama!

You can purchase a single Jordan or Jenna doll, or the twin set (Luke & Lucy) dolls on Amazon. There is also another Mine to Love doll called Annie that would be a great option for potty training since it can drink & wet and comes with a potty. They have a few others too – if you search “Mine to Love Melissa and Doug” on Amazon, there will be several options!

There are also a ton of accessories – like a ton. I was like OMG this is amazing – I feel like I might be more excited than Maggie?! Anyways, so far she has received the baby carrier for the doll from one set of grandparents, and she will also be getting the bath tub and changing sets respectively (all from Amazon). I plan to buy her an additional accessory for her birthday!

Dolls are a great gift at this age since they promote imaginative play (as well as potential additional benefits similar to social play!), and also great if your little one might be expecting a sibling. A lot of mamas said this helped their toddler to adjust – since they could do things with their baby as mom did things with their sibling!


Books are always a favourite buy for me, since I love reading. I’m happy to say Maggie also loves books. Right now she is really into books that help her identify objects and animals. Two of her favourite books right now are First 100 Words (which also comes in a box set on Amazon) and the Usborne book 199 Animals.

We have other classic favourites too – Giraffes Can’t Dance (I love to gift this one to people for baby showers), Goodnight Moon and The Going to Bed Book – all available on Amazon (or Indigo!).

This year I also grabbed a Paw Patrol set of board books for her – the same set is available on Amazon (linked) but I grabbed ours at Winners on sale. They also have an even bigger set for about 10$ more on Amazon with 12 board books!

Bath Books & Toys

More books – yep! I also got Maggie a Paw Patrol bath book set (again – I got it at Winners, but it’s available on Amazon). It comes with a little set of bath friendly characters too, which I know she’ll love as she can identify them all by name.

Bath time has been a bit challenging for us the past few weeks because of her cast, but she normally loves it and she loves bath toys. Maggie has the Skip Hop Stack & Pour Buckets and they remain a favourite (Amazon). These are on the pricier side, but she also loves these Baby Shark bath toys that sing – we actually were able to snag a set of 3 last year from Costco for a great price, but I’ve linked the Amazon option for one.

I’ve talked about our other bath toys before in this post.

Water WOW!

Melissa and Doug is definitely one of my favourites – and they make Water Wow which is so cool! Maggie loves to colour, but she has in the past, been known to colour on our walls. We stick with crayons & colouring books for that reason but if you’re looking to switch it up – Water WOW is super cool and mess free!

There is a great deal right now on 2 books for only 12.48$ on Amazon! They are water-reveal pads so you just need water and there is no risk of you getting new additions to your homes artwork!

There is a copy cat version available at Dollarama (my fave) as well but I will admit it doesn’t work quite as well as the M&D ones – but still fun and affordable! A great stocking stuffer option!

Colouring Books & Crayons

Like I said, M loves to colour. I stick with crayons for colouring right now because she sometimes does her freehand artwork elsewhere, haha.

Colouring books are easy – you can get them so many places including the dollar store and there is really not much different in terms of “quality” since at this age, your kid is probably just gonna scribble a few lines per page anyways. If you have a Paw Patrol lover like me – I even found some at the dollar store! You can also grab a 2-pack from Amazon.

You could also just use blank paper – totally up to you!!

For crayons – I just use classic Crayola, but the bigger size (Amazon). They also offer more ergonomic versions such as the ones with Tripod Grip – Maggie was gifted a similar set from another brand from her grandparents.

Tool Set or Doctor/Nurse Kit or Vet Kit!

Maggie loves watching her dad work in his garage so I grabbed her a tool set from Winners, similar to this one from Amazon. For my Montessori/wood-product loving friends, there are also options in all wood on Amazon such as the Melissa & Doug tool kit.

Other gifts I thought of were either a doctor/nurse set or a veterinarian set, both available from Melissa & Doug on Amazon, or I’ve seen similar kits at Walmart and other retailers. Again – great promoters for imaginative play. Also – Maggie loves stuffed animals, so the vet set would have been well loved (maybe for her birthday!).

Play Dough

Our new thing lately is play dough and let me tell you – I am about it. Play dough is incredibly soothing to play with as an adult, for me at least.

Play dough can be bought some small shops (I don’t have any particular recommendations at this time but there are many that offer it) or you can go classic and buy Play-Doh. We grabbed a large box set for now from Toys R Us. You can also make your own!

Play dough accessories are many – Maggie has really been enjoying an older set similar to this one from Amazon. And you’ll know there are about 100 other options. I’ve seen a lot of accessories at the preloved store in Mississauga called Kid to Kid.

Kitchen Accessories

We have a play kitchen, so accessories are always great to add as a gift. We already own the Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Set from Amazon. Maggie was also given the fridge food set this year (also available on Amazon).

We got a grocery cart from Walmart that she absolutely loves too! It came with some plastic food accessories and paper boxes (mac and cheese, etc).

Another toy she still loves (it’s on rest for the winter since we use it outside to avoid a mess) is Cute Stone kitchen sink from Amazon. I ordered it in the summer and it has been a favourite ever since.

For her birthday we also got her the – surprise – Melissa & Doug house cleaning set because she’s a big fan of our duster and the brooms!!

So there are some ideas and some you can still get last minute! As for stocking stuffers, I got some Water WOWs but also the Night Before Christmas book, a pair of PJs from Old Navy, and some small items from the dollar store for activities – like a mug she can colour on and such. Simple but something fun to open on Christmas Eve (that is when we open ours).

Happy holidays!

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