32-34 Weeks Pregnant: A Slip On The Ice & 6 Weeks To Go!

At 32 weeks pregnant I was like wow we still have 2 months (or so), but now suddenly at 34 weeks I’m like OMG I only have 1.5 months! It feels hectic since Christmas is here (how?!) and Maggie will be getting her cast off next week. Everyone keeps telling me “wow time is flying!” but to be honest most days feel pretty slow to me – for which I am thankful.

Symptom Update

Honestly I am feeling ok – I can’t really complain much. I’ve been able to do physiotherapy and massage pretty regularly being off work. I am trying to be more active during the day to stop the stiffness. My biggest issue right now is sleeping and turning over in my sleep – unless I get my pelvis and legs positioned just right, turning over is a truly unpleasant experience. However, I struggle to sleep on the same side all night because of my hips – so it’s like an endless cycle of discomfort. I am thankful I am still sleeping – I don’t have insomnia, thankfully. Just the discomfort in my hips and then my pelvis when turning sucks. I do remember my hip pain resolved immediately after I delivered last time, so really hoping it is the same this time around.

I’m also dealing with a fair bit of nasal congestion related to pregnancy – my nose just needs to be blown often, but I’m not sick. A humidifier helps with this.

Oh and I am of course, quite big now – so definitely been experiencing some shortness of breath when I do stairs and such. I am also perpetually hot if I go out anywhere that I am not in charge of regulating the temperature. Having to go into the mall for shopping I’d just take off my jacket before going in because I’d be sweating if I didn’t.

Braxton hicks have also been more frequent lately – I never remember having them till near the very end with my previous pregnancy. On Saturday I had a lot. Laying down helped to relieve them. Perhaps I’ll work on a post on braxton hicks vs regular contractions too…

My Fall

I did take a bit of a fall on Sunday afternoon. We were on our way home from North Bay and about 25 mins away from our house. We stopped so I could use the washroom at a service centre. My husband pulled up to the sidewalk and I took one step out of the car and completely lost my footing. It was so scary for me – as I am sure most falls are for people. One minute I was up, the next I was laying on my side on the cold, wet ground. Luckily, I landed on my right side with no belly impact. I scraped my right elbow and right knee, and bruised my hip a bit – but otherwise, I am okay. Just shaken up.

If you’re pregnant somewhere that has winter weather right now (snow, ice) – be careful! Please! I am so thankful baby was ok – and I did of course, follow up with my care team immediately (the beauty of midwives – pagers), as you should do with physical trauma. All is good – I went for a massage yesterday and it really helped with any of the residual soreness I had. I also took Tylenol as advised by my care team the day of and the day after because I was pretty sore.

It’s crazy – when you fall and you’re pregnant all your concern of course goes to your baby. I remember feeling a similar way when I was in a car accident during my last pregnancy at 28 weeks. I didn’t care about myself, I just wanted to make sure my baby was ok. When you’re all worked up though, movement can be harder to detect so I focused on breathing and calming myself down – and sure enough, there was my little guy kicking away as usual. Such a feeling of relief. So thankful for the way I fell – and also that my husband was there because I was very emotional (same with after my car accident). Take care of yourselves my pregnant friends!

f you fall or experience physical trauma – call your provider or follow the guidance they have given you in terms of next steps (ER visit, etc). FYI – not medical advice, just words of wisdom from a mama who has now gone through 2 pregnancy physical trauma episodes!

How is Maggie doing?

A lot of amazing people have asked me how Maggie has been doing with her cast – she honestly is doing amazing. I don’t even think it phases her at all now. About a week ago my husband picked her up from daycare and brought her home. Put her down on the bench and she just stood up and walked away on her own, in the full leg cast!! I was shocked! Now she is motoring around with almost no issue. Obviously, her mobility is limited to indoors – we did buy a slipper in a few sizes up for her cast foot for when we’re in the car/stroller/etc. but she obviously can’t walk outside in it. It’s still so amazing to see her walking again!

Cast comes off next Wednesday and I cannot wait! I’m sure she is super excited too – she is missing out on all these snow falls!!

Maggie will be turning two years old in just a few weeks too – can’t believe it. I’m thankful, partially because of the pandemic, that these 2 years have felt both short and long. I have definitely been looking back a lot at her newborn and baby photos and crying as my husband likes to point out. It’s just so emotional!! I love that she is growing and learning and she does something new for us everyday and it’s always amazing. She’s so funny too. And smart! I cannot wait to see what TWO has to offer, but it’s definitely bittersweet.

I am looking forward to her birthday, even though we can’t have a party again because of COVID. I really hope for her next birthday we can have a real celebration – even a small one, safely. I will definitely still be taking photos and once again will try and share my decor/outfit info on the blog!

I did her first birthday theme post here. It was “DONUT Grow Up!”.

What is coming up?

In terms of pregnancy: I have my 34 week midwife appointment on Thursday, and my next visit will be 36 weeks and then I am on weekly visits. My 36 week appointment will also involve by GBS swab – which I am planning to talk about in a post for the informed choices in pregnancy series anyways! I’m not quite on baby watch yet, but I’m definitely paying attention!

I am trying to take a break from the podcast right now – sorry guys, I am so pregnant and tired, and we have a lot going on. Writing is much easier for me right now than sitting and editing. I am hoping to bring it back in the new year – I just won’t make any promises as to when yet.

I also realized I said I’d do two other gift guides (in addition to my small shop one here) and whoops it’s now December 22nd and I haven’t done them!! I am going to try and squeeze in a last minute guide for two year olds (it may come out before this post even), but the expecting mama one will be changed into a baby registry list (most appropriate for moms who are second + time moms, but I’ll link back to my original post for my first baby registry too).

I am also starting up my series on informed choices in pregnancy – it may be a few days delayed. But I’ll be focusing on that moving forward. I likely will do a hospital bag post too, when I’m getting that all ready!

As always, thanks for reading. And – happy holidays to all! Please stay safe, healthy & happy this holiday season.


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