29-31 Weeks of Pregnancy: Catching Up!

Wow guys. The past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind for me, and I intended to get to this post last week but have had two papers due and two more still in progress that I just haven’t had the time or energy. Did I mention I also work full-time and parent on top of part-time school? And being 31 weeks pregnant? Phew. Finally have a minute to catch my breath (sort of).

29-31 Weeks

Baby – and myself – are doing well. We just had a midwife appointment last week and baby was measuring 31 weeks as per my fundal measurement which is totally normal at 30 weeks. I even weighed myself which I haven’t done in awhile – I have gained about 30 lbs, which is pretty on par with my last pregnancy so I was quite happy as I had worried I had been gaining more because my bump is just bigger this time. Blood pressure has been good and consistent – a bit higher than my past pregnancy, but not in a bad way as I was very low the whole pregnancy pretty much last time. This time I am about 115/60 each time so far in third trimester (somewhere around there).

Baby is still super active – we think he was head down at my 30 week appointment but not sure – we shall see. I know I previously spoke about doing a growth scan – but for now I’ve decided to bypass it. I have all the information and to be honest, I just feel exhausted from all my previous scans and appointments. As long as baby is growing well, I am happy for now but would certainly do one if there were any concerns. Evidence Based Birth is one of my favourite resources and I used it to help with my decision-making in regards to this (in partnership with my midwives information too). Here is the link to their info on “suspected big babies”. For the record – baby boy has always measured on the higher side of normal for growth/size, never considered too large as of yet.

In terms of symptoms for me – my pelvis feels like it is being ripped open when I’m sitting or in bed at night. Even with previous physio guidance, I’m suffering quite a bit. In short – I have a hard time being comfortable and nothing really seems to help. I am getting massages biweekly, and will see the pelvic physio again now to help as per my MDs recommendation. Tylenol has not personally helped me – but it may be a good option for some if you’re experiencing SPD pain. Talk to your provider before you do or take anything! And a pelvic physio assessment can benefit you greatly.

Beyond that – I feel pretty well. I am having sciatica pain as well with sitting. I feel like a big old mess. I am off work for 2 weeks now to hopefully rest my body and see if I can recover a bit. I feel like I haven’t had a “break” in awhile (physically but also mentally with all the things on my plate) – and that feeling was exacerbated by…

Maggie Broke Her Fibula 😦

With her first cast on.

Yes – we took Maggie to a trampoline park for a friends son’s birthday and she fell funny and cracked her fibula in her leg. Poor baby! I have felt awful, but I suppose it could have happened in other situations too. She spent 7 hours in the ER on Sunday, then we returned to the fracture clinic the next day to have her fibre glass cast put on. It goes up above her knee so she isn’t able to walk, but she’s actually doing remarkably well with it on. Kids are incredibly resilient when it comes to physical injuries – it really is amazing. The hardest part was the cast change from the plaster to fibre glass – she was definitely overstimulated and she cried a lot. I felt horrible. As soon as it was done she passed out in her stroller immediately for about an hour.

Many people have reached out to ask if we need anything or have sent gifts – thank you so much. Someone even sent us money to get food the night it happened which was so incredibly kind. I am very thankful for my family, friends and community. Only 26 more days until cast removal and this mama is counting down!

Maggie is back at daycare as of Thursday and doing well there. She is able to crawl and pull herself to stand and is in good spirits.

Any questions?

I have a bunch of blog ideas stored away for when I finish my classes, but I was wondering if there were any particular areas anyone had interest in? I am working on a post about caffeine in pregnancy/breastfeeding, but it will not get finished until I am done my classes because of the large amount of conflicting evidence to review on the topic.

I am planning to share some quick gift guides in the coming days – so stay tuned for that.

What about the podcast?

The podcast is on break right now as I finish up classes – I just couldn’t accommodate it at this time and I apologize to those who I had to reschedule or cancel on at this time. I likely will keep it “offline” until after the baby arrives-though we shall see if I can fit in an interview or 2 in January. As always if you’re interested in sharing your birth, parenting, or other story/experience or expertise on the podcast, please use the contact form on this site or e-mail me at info@elephantinthewomb.ca

As always, thanks for reading! You can stay connected with me on a daily basis on Instagram @kateontheblog

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