28 Weeks of Pregnancy: Hello, Third Trimester!

How?! How am I already in the third trimester? I cannot understand. As I’ve said before – this pregnancy has felt both fast and slow at times. Second trimester really did feel super long because of everything going on, so I am happy to be out of it and onto something new. I just also know that third trimester brings with it more tiredness, peeing, and discomfort – so I am not sure whether I look forward to that necessarily, but I am trying to make the most of each moment of the rest of this pregnancy!

As usual, nothing in this blog should be considered medical advice. It is for informational purposes only. Please seek medical advice from your trusted healthcare professional.

Midwife Appointment

I had my midwife appointment virtually today and now I start being seen every 2 weeks until 36 weeks. Nothing too exciting today – I caught my team up on my special pregnancy program events and being discharged from high risk care (yay), my modified work duties, and just how I was feeling. We reviewed my lab results which I had already seen (negative for glucose and blood levels looked normal) and what is to come in the next few weeks. I may start up on an iron supplement even though my hemoglobin was adequate – just because I am feeling fatigued lately. The past few nights I’ve had a hard time staying up and out of bed past 8pm! Which could just be pregnancy, but will try some iron and see if it changes anything. I’ll be using Feramax because of the decreased GI/constipation issues with this brand (and I’ll be taking it with Vitamin C for absorption!).

I have to go for a growth scan, so will get that all set up in a few weeks to see how this big guy is doing. Other than that – it’s business as usual. Gosh, it’s so nice to say that.

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Tdap Shot

I also got my Tdap done today since it’s recommended over 27 weeks. You can read my full post on the vaccinations offered during pregnancy here for more information. No issues – though I suspect as usual my arm will be sore tomorrow, which is standard fare with Tdap.

How are you feeling?

About the same as last week I’d say. I’m managing better at work on modifications, that’s for sure – both physically and mentally. I had an amazing work out yesterday and hoping to get 2 more days in this week before we head away to Montreal for my 30th birthday! Oh yes – I am 28 weeks today and 30 years old Friday. Crazy. I used to feel sad about the day I’d leave my 20s, but to be honest I am not sad anymore. I’m looking forward with excitement.

Baby is active as usual – he is still flipping around in there quite a bit but I am hoping he is head down at our next ultrasound (he was only for a period of time at our last). We also have his name (and a back up juuuuust in case like we had with Maggie) all ready to go. I am very excited for his arrival – but also enjoying pregnancy still so we won’t rush him at all (but hopefully he’s at least a few days earlier than his 40+6 sister!).

I have been wrestling with two TMI issues lately – a yeast infection and constipation. These are both common in pregnancy, so even though it feels awkward to talk about them, I will because I know that others go through them (within and beyond pregnancy, actually). My last pregnancy I never dealt with constipation outside first trimester – which is amazing because I actually have mixed IBS and deal with it a lot outside of pregnancy. This pregnancy – as with everything else about it – is different story.

Progesterone is to blame for constipation in pregnancy, but it can also be worsened by other factors related to diet, stress and so on. If you’re experiencing this, things you can try are increasing dietary fiber (I like higher fiber breakfast cereals for this, on top of my usual fruits/veggies); increasing fluid intake; or exercising. I also mentioned I’d be starting an iron supplement and that I chose Feramax because it’s less likely to cause constipation – so iron supplements can increase constipation. If you’re on a supplement for iron and struggling, talk to your provider about what options or alternatives you have. If you’re looking for an over the counter option, also recommend talking to your provider Metamucil is usually a safe option to take over the counter, since it is just a bulk forming agent however it may not relieve the issue for everyone. You can read more about safety of different laxative options in pregnancy on the MotherToBaby website, but cross-reference these with a visit or telephone call (or e-mail inquiry) to your provider as always.

Yeast is another devil of pregnancy (and for some people apart of routine life). They usually are related to estrogen levels and other pregnancy related changes. Don’t worry though as they don’t pose a risk to your pregnancy – they’re just annoying as hell!! If you’re suffering from yeast related symptoms (discharge, itching or discomfort in the vulvovaginal area) then you should see your provider for guidance – mainly because sometimes these or similar symptoms may have other causes (your office can swab you for yeast and other issues), but also to find out what the best method of treatment is. During pregnancy, the oral treatment for yeast is not recommended. But the vaginal creams for example, are considered safe options (Canesten, Monistat, etc). Another great resource for these questions is your local pharmacist!

There may be some more natural remedies you can try-but again, I suggest speaking to your healthcare provider about anything you hear of before trying it just in case. And it can be very useful to have a swab done to confirm you do indeed have a yeast infection too – and your provider can help with that.

Looking forward..

I’m hoping to share some short gift guides again this year – for mamas, for 2 year olds and my favourite small shops from the past year! I just got a Third Trimester Box which I’ll share more info about in the mama gift guide – it’s amazing, and the small company offers boxes for different stages of pregnancy and postpartum, and are working on some new and exciting boxes as we speak!

Next week I have a re-assessment for work, but that’s it! I am really looking forward to enjoying this weekend – which is essentially our Baby Moon I guess, with my husband but I am so nervous about leaving Maggie for more than 1 night! I’ve only been away from her 1 time overnight (in September) and now we will be away for 3 nights. Ah! Will definitely be sharing about how that goes next week and I did promise a Maggie update this week but I think I’ll save it for when we’re back! Surprise – she is 22 months as of yesterday! Thanks for reading, xo

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