26-27 Weeks Pregnant: No Gestational Diabetes & Other Updates

If you read my last update from 24-25 weeks, you’ll have learned that our high risk obstetrical ride came to an amazing (but surprising) end.

Today I had my last phone appointment with my primary high risk clinic OB and she said since everything I was referred to her for was actually no longer a concern, I could be discharged (if I wanted) back to my midwife care. I was of course – agreeable! I like her a lot but I’m happy to return to my routine care. That was my last appointment.

Today I also hit 27 weeks which is crazy. Time is going by fast in one way, but slow in another. Going through the whole high risk experience actually really slowed things down for me during this pregnancy. I felt like I was stuck in some weird, slow moving space during it – so I am again, beyond thankful to be moving forward as much as I appreciate every moment of pregnancy. I’ll be third trimester next week and I am shocked! Second trimester felt super long and first trimester felt fast. I wonder how third will be? Last time it felt long at the end so I guess we’ll see.

What’s been up?

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been focusing on being good to myself as much as possible, because I had a hard 8 weeks prior. I booked a massage after my ultrasound and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just had another one today – I highly recommend prenatal massage if it’s within your reach. To all pregnant mamas – it is soothing for the aches and pains, but it is also an hour + that you get to spend “alone” with your baby and just get to relax. I did prenatal massage with my first pregnancy through second and third trimester, and I’m thoroughly enjoying doing the same this time now that I have “time” to do it again.

If you’re looking for a local place, I love Mommy Spa in Clarkson (Mississauga) and can’t recommend it enough!

I have still been having SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) pain, but massage has helped and so does making sure I get up and move around and not sit all day. With a more desk-based job now, I have found that this has been harder. I previously worked in a clinic so I was moving around a lot more in the day. Now I am more often sedentary when I am not pushing myself to move (or if I’m particularly busy, which working in home care during a pandemic pretty much always is). I got to a point in the past 2 weeks where I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I actually turned on my computer this Monday morning and just burst into tears. I was just getting so uncomfortable and tired and I didn’t know what to do.

I ended up seeing my family GP and with the support of my management and HR team, I’ve gone on some modified duties. I am very thankful that there was an option for me to do this. I already work from home for the most part, but I have stopped doing patient visits in-person to at least minimize sitting in unsupportive environments. At home, I have a desk at the right height and a proper chair. It’s all ergonomic. When I do visits, I am often sitting with my laptop on my knees (while there is still space) and not everyone has a table for me to sit at where they are also comfortable. I am really hoping this can help relieve some of my pain too because I’ll be able to hopefully space my days out and take increased breaks without feeling the pressure of having to get charting done or rush out to a visit. It’s also less in and out of a car for me, where my SPD is also exacerbated. I’ll try for 2 weeks and see how this goes – I’m hoping it will help!

I’ve really realized this pregnancy that I need to prioritize myself, which is also prioritizing my baby of course! I was so uncomfortable that I was becoming anxious and overwhelmed as a result. I was worried about bringing it up with my care provider(s) or with my work because I never want to let anyone down. I like to be there and be the reliable one, but I knew after the previous 2 months of craziness, I needed to stop and rethink the situation. I wasn’t feeling 100% and my babies (both the one within and the one who is almost 2!) need to me be functional so I can care for them. So I advocated for myself and I’m glad I did. I will continue too as well – but I cross my fingers I can make it through to January this way.

Other than that I’ve been busy with working, parenting and school. Whatever I can fit in when I have time too – I make time for a yoga class on Sundays at Fitness by the Lake (Port Credit) which is so nice for me. I try to take a bath a few times a week with Epsom salts (you can grab a big container at Costco for a good price – unscented!). I workout – now aiming for 3x a week, but sometimes I still get that 4th day in. Walking – during the day with the dog at breaks and in the evening with the baby and my husband.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll also see I got a labor & delivery gown from Gift Gowns. It’s pretty comfy and has the snaps so it’s perfect for L&D even when you get an epidural. I have a code: KATE20 if you’re in the market for one yourself.

Best News This Week: No Gestational Diabetes!

Yes, I almost forgot – it had come time for me to do my Glucose Challenge Test (GCT). If you’re unfamiliar with the GCT (or the Glucose Tolerance Test, GTT which sometimes need to be done after a high result) check out this page.

I went to the lab after a small non-sugary breakfast on Tuesday morning and was quite happy that I got taken right in at Dynacare. I drank my orange glucose drink within the 5 minutes allotted and then sat for the next hour and waited. My blood was taken and I was on my way. A lot of people don’t like the drink – but I honestly did not find it bad. It was my second time having the orange flavour and I found the first time was harder to get down; this time it was easy peezy.

I received my results Wednesday evening (about 18 hours later) and I passed with a normal reading! I was very happy – gestational diabetes is manageable but after just leaving high risk care I didn’t really want to go back to an OB for another concern, if I’m honest!!

My advice for those going in for the GCT is to eat before, but avoid sugary foods like white breads and cereal. Scrambled eggs and rye was what I had last time; this time I had a bowl of oatmeal (not flavoured) and some peanut butter. The GCT should not require you to fast – it is the GTT that asks for fasted testing, so make sure you ask your lab or provider about what prep is required and confirm.

The drink does make some people nauseous – it certainly made me a bit uncomfortable/bloated after I finished it, but just take your time. 5 minutes is a lot more than it sounds. Or – if you prefer, down it as quick as possible! Whatever works for you.

That’s it for this week – next week I am getting my Tdap vaccine (talked about those here) and seeing my midwives. It’s my last every 4-week appointment! Now I move on to every 2 weeks as I enter the third trimester. Crazy!! I will also provide a Maggie update in the next post – because it’s been awhile and she’s going to be a big sister soon! Ah!

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