23 Weeks of Pregnancy: Follow Up Ultrasound

This week seemed to fly by! A lot of people say your second pregnancy goes by so fast, but to be honest I feel like it’s the same pace as with Maggie or even slower?! Probably because of everything we’ve had going on. This week we had our follow up ultrasound (4 weeks since our last one) at the High Risk Pregnancy clinic.

MFM Clinic Follow Up

I went in for my ultrasound early (highly recommend if you’re going to an MFM clinic to try and go early because I found my wait time was way less and there was more and closer parking spots!) in the AM yesterday. I was not as anxious as previous, but anxious enough that my constipation resolved itself in one morning. Yeah. IBS problems.

The ultrasound was a growth scan and to check biophysical profile (basically – how baby is doing). Baby’s HR was 148 bpm which is honestly so consistent – everytime I’ve gone for a scan he has been 147 or 148! He weighs about 2 lbs now (approximately) and is now in the 88th percentile for size! He is measuring about 4 days ahead (roughly) of my due date – this has gone down from him being about 9 days ahead so that’s good! He is a healthy big boy.

Unfortunately we were still left with a little uncertainty at this appointment – the ultrasound scans were read by both my MFM and the radiologist. Radiology showed borderline mild ventriculomegaly (11mm measurement of the lateral ventricle). However, my MFM measured them herself and said he was stable at 8mm/9mm as per his last scan pretty much. She said that the radiologist had read them at a different location than she normally would have – hence the larger measurement. She was very reassuring and told me that everything looked great and measurements were normal to her. She had no concerns – but for reassurance, we are going to do another specialty scan. A neurosonogram – which will be done by nurse specialists of just baby’s brain. We also booked a follow up ultrasound at the hospital for 4 weeks from now as well – but she told me if the neuro scan is normal, I can cancel this. I should get an appointment date soon for this other scan which means I have to take a day off work since I need to travel downtown to have it done and she advised between the scan and follow up with their specialists, the appointment could take up to 4-6 hours. Oh, and as usual for COVID – I need to go alone.

So it wasn’t the news I wanted necessarily, but I do feel pretty reassured. I trust my MFM and she spends all day looking at these scans – she also showed me everything in the brain, everything is there and growing well and looks healthy! I personally trust her measurements, but I’ll go for the extra cup of reassurance just because of the way this has all gone. So our high risk journey hasn’t ended yet but I am praying and hoping by next month at this time we’re discharged from the clinic!

Other Updates

Not much going on or changed since my update last week. I have a bit of hip stiffness/soreness this week – I laid down in bed one day and got up to go to the washroom and it hurt to put weight on my right leg. I was scared that it was SPD but it seems to have resolved. I have been trying to stretch during and at the end of the day, definitely after workouts, and my prenatal yoga class definitely helps with end of the week stiffness. It’s been so crappy and rainy the past week – really hoping it ends soon because I’m not a huge fan of walking in the rain!!

Baby has been active – moving a ton, kicking so hard we can see it from the outside now pretty much daily. When I did my ultrasound he was head down (yay!) but I know he rolls over in there quite often, just hopefully he stays comfy in that presentation!

I have a midwife appointment next week, so I will probably update again after that – and then if not much is going on I may do another 2 week update following! Thanks, as always, for following along if you do.

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