16-17 Weeks of Pregnancy

What is one part of my last pregnancy I did not enjoy at all? Honestly, I was very, very fortunate that I enjoyed most of my pregnancy with Maggie. I had very few “bad” symptoms, lots of energy in the second trimester, and didn’t really start to feel the “heaviness” of it all in my pelvis and hips till closer to the end of third.

But the one thing I did not enjoy at all was having a cold.

Yes – nobody likes having a cold on a normal, non-pregnant day. I don’t think at least. Maybe only for the fact that you *may* get to miss work, especially given the times we are living in (I hope people will cold symptoms who work in-person places are not going in, or at least are getting tested prior to). But having a cold when you are pregnant is worse than a normal cold.

Why you ask? Because your options for self-medicating are certainly more limited. When I get a cold outside of pregnancy, I’m a Dayquil/Nyquil user. The combo helps me sleep and fixes me up quick. I can function semi-normally during the day because of the Dayquil too.

Before you reach for your usuals you should follow up with either your HCP or your pharmacist and see what is pregnancy (or breastfeeding for that matter) safe.

I’m talking about this because the past 5 days – I have had a cold! Just a stuffed nose really, not much else but when you’re pregnant a stuffed nose can be terrible! Sure you can use all kinds of saline sprays and stuff safely for the most part, but I swear sometimes they don’t do anything except make my nose more runny. So I’ve been taking a pregnancy-safe allergy med to help with some symptoms, but it’s not perfect. I think I am at the tail-end of it now because my nose is clearing up and I was able to fit in a workout today without much disruption. So fingers crossed for me!

Midwife Appointment @ 16 Weeks

Yesterday I had my first midwife appointment since 8 weeks – COVID is so weird! Usually I would have had one in the interim (12 weeks) but my ultrasound and bloodwork were normal so we just had 1 in-person appt at 16 weeks. All was well – baby’s heart rate was in the 150s on the doppler, my blood pressure was good (90/52 which is normal for me in pregnancy) and I don’t want to talk about my weight haha. Just kidding – it was pretty consistent with my gain from my previous pregnancy.

For the record – I did not have to be weighed, I chose to (my midwife did not say get on the scale, she said did you want to check your weight or no?). I hadn’t weighed myself since 8 weeks so I figured why not – I had some regrets. Pregnancy weight gain is such a confusing concept mentally – I know I am gaining for baby, for growth and for good reason! And I also know from my first pregnancy that I gain a bit more than some during pregnancy, but it still feels weird to looking at a scale and think of all that and be totally accepting. I’m not saying this in any type of judgmental way – I am saying this as someone who has struggled with body dysmorphia and disordered eating for years of my life.

My first pregnancy I had a very positive relationship with my pregnant body, and even my postpartum one! I’ve written about that a few times. This time – it has been a bit harder, I’m not sure why. Maybe because all the changes happened so much faster this time? Last time it was at least more visually gradual. It’s not that I’m not happy, thankful and feel good about myself – because I do. I’ve just noticed a few more moments of internal battles for me – but nothing I can’t overcome. I am strong, beautiful and so very blessed to be a mama for the second time. And no ones comments or a number on the scale will make me feel lesser!

Baby’s Moving Away!

One thing that does help remind me of what this physical journey is for & about is this little babe within me who is starting to get more busy this week. We’ve graduated from early flutters to more discernible movement the past few days. And more frequent too. Movement is 100% the most exciting part of pregnancy for me personally – I love it! I love that I never feel alone, and that I can feel this little one move around all day. Maggie moved so much so I wonder if this one will be the same.. she even contorted into weird positions which was freaky but also hilarious. Pregnancy is full of weird and wonderful moments (but also I know some not so much).

Any Symptoms?

My nausea has pretty much gone at this point, but because of my cold I have felt fatigued this week. Despite that I am also definitely energetic too? It’s weird. I took a day off due to sickness and tried to rest but I ended up cleaning and probably overdid it physically a bit. It’s so early for nesting but maybe with second pregnancy that feeling happens sooner? Because I’ve definitely been reorganizing, redecorating and redesigning our house!!

My cravings and aversions are mostly faded too. I don’t find myself as sensitive to foods and I’ve been able to get back to my salads and vegetables and actually enjoying them!

I have had some pelvic discomfort the past 2 days – but I have a feeling it’s from my cleaning extravaganza the other day. Either way I’m hoping to see my (sadly, new) pelvic PT in the coming weeks. My pelvic PT is moving away and I am BIG sad! She is giving me a referral to another one though so fingers crossed they’re amazing too!

That’s pretty much all for me. Coming up I have my 18 week ultrasound next Wednesday! We are going to find out the fetal sex however, we won’t be sharing. My husband can’t be at the ultrasound so I’m going to have them write it down for me so we can look at it together when we’re ready (who knows if we will be able to wait!!). My next midwife appt is 20-22 weeks, which I haven’t booked yet. I will post my next update after the ultrasound!!

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