New Podcast Episode: Ep 23 PAP Talk! All About the Pap Experience, HPV vaccination & other FAQ

A new episode of the podcast is now available on all major podcast platforms! Simply search “Elephant in the Womb!”

Disclaimer: This podcast and this blog are for informational purposes only. This is NOT medical advice. Please speak to your healthcare provider.

If you want to read more about pap smears, check out these links (please refer to your GP, local public health units for area specific guidelines):

If you want to read more about the HPV vaccine, check out these links (and speak to your HCP):

We also spoke a little bit about the age of consent in Ontario, just thought I’d share this article re: parental consent for the COVID vaccine (requirements different depending on where you live).

Special thanks to my co-host Jess for making this episode amazing and sharing her experiences!