Sun Safety for Kids, Part 2: Shades & Covers

You can find part one about sunscreen here.

I promised a second post, so here it is. Because the truth is – there is a lot more to sun safety than just sunscreen. Thought that certainly is a very important part to remember – for our kids and for all of us adults too!

Here are a few more ways to stay safe in the sun:

As always, this post is for informational purposes only. This and any part of this blog are not medical advice. Please be aware that as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Well.. you should actually avoid the sun at peak hours and find (or make) shade when possible

Ok I know, this isn’t in the sun but this is a really important thing to try to do, especially with babies.

Peak hours: 11 am to 3 pm. Generally speaking. This could be slightly varied depending on where you live in the world.

You can check your local weather report too for the UV index for that day. A UV index of 3 or more is considered a risk.

Those are a wide range of hours, so understandably it can be hard not to go outside with kids all day. So the other option is finding shade, creating your own, and covering up.

Umbrellas are a good option for shade for slightly older children. You can also get beach tents if that’s where you’re headed (I linked one back in this post that is the one we got last year). There are versions of play pens and baby domes with sun covers as well.

Another must have for the little ones in strollers is a good sun shade or cover. We have the solar safe net and a canopy similar to this one. We used those mostly with our other stroller – our jogging stroller has a great canopy that can be adjusted!

Cover up – clothes, hats, and sunnies!

Another way to protect your little one from the sun is to put them in loose clothing or a swimsuit that has good sun protection (especially for little babies – bikinis are adorable, I am guilty of having some – but rash guards are excellent). Clothing that has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) on the label are a good option. I just got Maggie a new swimsuit from one of my favourite small shops – it has “baby” sharks on it and it’s +50 UPF! Totally a cute option.

Hats are another must – wide brim is better for sun protection & shade! I got a +50 UPF hat from the same shop I mentioned above (Bubba’s & Mama’s) and it is SO cute with great coverage! It even has the back of the neck & ear flaps – which is somewhere I know I personally sometimes forget about when applying sunscreen (on myself even).

Sunglasses are another important option – though more challenging with the little ones who like to yank them off their face. I shared the sunglasses we got for Maggie as a newborn in this post. I haven’t grabbed a new pair yet because those ones still fit her at almost 16 months! As much as I like a cute “Instagram worthy” pair, I also value a pair that is going to stay on her face easily and provide good protection. Sunglasses should offer 99100% UV protection.

Other tips to stay safe:

  • FLUIDS! It won’t keep you safe from the sun per se, but it is important when it’s hot out. For the whole family. Water is your best option, but on really hot days even things like popsicles or freezies are fluids too.
  • Be a role model – I know, sunscreen can be a pain but it’s honestly important for all of us to protect our skin from sun rays, not just kids. Plus by modelling good behaviour, you’re showing your child how important it is to be safe on a sunny day.
  • Remember that sun safety is important on cloudy days too – just because you can’t see the direct beam of the sun doesn’t mean it isn’t there, shining down. UV ratings on cloudy days can still be high, so check the weather report and watching for warnings. This applies to snowy days too!

I will be working on posts in the coming weeks on sunburns and heat stroke (signs/symptoms, how to avoid/prevent, and when to seek help) – because I think these are both important but probably too much to include in this post. Keep an eye out for those as we creep closer to summer…

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