New Podcast Episode: Ep 19 Vaginal Twin Birth & Postpartum Experience

A new episode of the podcast is now available on all major podcast platforms!

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The Birth Experiences series is a set of interviews with moms sharing their unique birth story, and answering common questions about their different experiences. What is labor & birth like? Well it’s different for everyone – tune in monthly to hear about all the different ways it can go and the variety of challenges that can be faced. No birth experience is exactly the same.

Today’s guest is Rachael Flick and she is sharing her vaginal twin birth experience & a lot about her postpartum experience as well. Topics include: pregnancy care, breastfeeding, early labor at 17 weeks, twin vaginal birth, induction, postpartum hemorrhage, nipple shields, lip ties, first postpartum period, postpartum physical recovery and more! Tune in! 

You can read more about her below:

Rachael Flick, LPCC, NCC is a licensed counselor. She translated her B.S in Kinesiology and love of photography into a business as a doula and family/birth photography. Tragically, Rachael lost her husband of ten years on February 5, 2018. Now, a young widow with two young children, Rachael is walking through her own journey of grief while challenging others to persevere and overcome their own circumstances. Rachael speaks and writes poignantly about internal transformation and finding resilience through hope. As she has clung to the promise of God’s faithfulness, Rachael has discovered wisdom and authority found only in suffering. Rachael has the ability to wrap captivating language and infuse hope around challenging systemic issues through her vulnerable style of storytelling. Rachael continues to watch the redemption of God through her story in her therapeutic counseling practice as she works with those suffering from trauma and PTSD. You can connect with Rachael on her podcast: The Hopecast with Rachael Flick, and on her website

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