New Podcast Episode: C-Section Twin Birth Experience!

A new episode of the podcast is now available on all major podcast platforms. Simply search “Elephant in the Womb” or click on her menu bar to access the Podcast page.

So happy to have our very first twin birth experience shared on the podcast. Ashleigh is sharing her twin birth story and some great tips for expecting twin mamas throughout! Check it out and hit the subscribe button if you like!

I promised to include a few links in here that I mention in the intro:

Statistics on multiple births from the CDC

Info on multiple birth pregnancies from ACOG

Types of Twins Visual from Healthline (there are lots of images available but I find this one is basic and easiest to understand for those who aren’t looking for all the specifics)

A note: I mention the chorion being the “outer aspect of the placenta” – this is for the fetal aspect of it only. I didn’t do the best job of explaining it – so here is a better explanation of the differences between the placenta and the chorion.

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