The Podcast Is Back! New Episode: Teaching During COVID-19

YAY! The podcast has returned for the second season and I am really working on bringing a variety of different experiences to you this time around. Don’t worry – birth experiences will be ongoing, but I want other women’s experiences to get some time in the light too, because all are valuable.

This episode is extremely relevant and very important right now. I think the voices of teachers are being overlooked throughout this pandemic, so it was important to me to bring them to the forefront.

This episode explores the experience of a teacher during COVID-19 – with the ups and downs of the pandemic, the constant change in the way schooling is being provided, and the emotional struggles involved (for teachers and kids).

As always – it is available on all major podcast platforms under Elephant in the Womb. It is also available on Anchor on our webpage under “Podcast”! Enjoy!

Click here to listen on Anchor.