The Starting Solids Starter Kit: The Dinnerware We Love

Lots of questions about baby nutrition lately and I’m hoping to be able to address them all soon. For now, please refer to my three past posts on child nutrition: Crash Course on Baby Led Weaning with Modern Munch, Reducing Stress at Meal Times based on a presentation by Ahuva Magder Hershkop RD, and a brief Intro to Solids FAQ.

I thought I’d add to these posts by sharing some of our favourite dinnerware items, since I know a lot of people who are just introducing solids to their babies in the coming months! This is also great if you’ve already introduced, but are looking to upgrade some items or start with an open cup for example.

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Here are some of our (my, really – Maggie would eat food off the floor really haha) favourite items (where applicable I will include small shop links as well):

ezpz Mini Mat

One of the first items we got for solids – it was actually a baby shower gift that I kept in the box until about 5 months. I love this plate – it actually suctions to the highchair tray (unlike some items that claim to suction), it cleans easily like all silicone items, and it’s big enough for increasing serving sizes as baby grows.

I also have just a regular suction plate, similar to this one.

Tiny Utensils

Similar also available locally (Ontario) through Baby Tee’s Co

Great for when baby is learning to use utensils because they are easy to hold – I personally didn’t use utensils right away because we did BLW and eating can be a great sensory experience so I let Maggie eat exclusively with her hands to start. As she got a better pincer grasp and more skilled with her hands, she started to use these tiny utensils! Again – silicone, so easy to clean & small and built to be held by baby hands. I do have another set of utensils though too…

Bamboo Utensils

Similar also available locally from Beba Canada

These are more “advanced” utensils but are good if you’re helping baby to eat and will be useful as baby grows as well. I use these for yogurt and other foods that I sometimes help Maggie with (she can eat oatmeal with her hands, but yogurt is a bit slippery so sometimes – when I don’t want a big mess – I feed her this for breakfast before daycare).

Silicone Suction Bowl

Similar also available locally (Ontario) through Baby Tee’s Co

Some food is just better served in a bowl! Always good to have a suction option for this too, since babies love to dump things out. If you’re having issues with getting things to suction, try wetting the tray or the bottom of the bowl/plate (that is a mom hack that worked for me).

Munchkin 360 Trainer Cup

This cup is good if your baby likes it. With cups, I find it is very much trial and error and trying to figure out what works for your little one. Whereas plates will work for almost babies, cups are more specific – in my opinion anyways. Maggie used this for a bit when she was figuring out how a cup worked, however we’ve since graduated to…

ezpz Tiny Cup

Maggie much preferred this cup – but it took her time be “ready” to transition to it. She figured it out very quickly and makes very little mess – the cup is very tiny (the name is honest) and so there isn’t much in there for them to spill. It is a great learning cup (I believe Modern Munch has a blog post on it).

On-the-Go Water Bottle

Maggie is not a sippy cup baby. She just doesn’t like them that much – she will use it if it’s all we have, but she has (since she started drinking water) been a huge fan of my adult size Contigo Autoseal water bottle. She took it one day and just knew how to suck on the straw. I was impressed. For Christmas, we got her the kids size bottle and we take that with us if we go out and she wants water (she loves water).

Again – drinking vessels are tricky, and often I think preference based. So figure out what your baby likes, what they can master, and go from there. Also read the blog post by Modern Munch I linked above because it talks about introducing drinks & cups to babies.

Foldable Snacker

Similar also available locally (Ontario) through Baby Tee’s Co

This is easily one of my favourite baby food items. It is spill-proof (for most snacks) and folds up super small so easy to take with you and fill up whilst out or when visiting friends/family (if we’re ever allowed to do that again).

Do not leave this item full of snacks on the floor if you have a dog – mine sadly, chewed right through it. But I just ordered a new one and will be smarter next time.

Silicone Bibs

Similar also available locally (Ontario) through Baby Tee’s Co and Mandi Mugginz

We started out using Oxo Tots bibs which are partly silicone and partly not – do not recommend for the non-silicone component. Material bibs get so dirty and I don’t know, for me, they were a pain in the butt to clean. I much prefer the ease of wipe-clean silicone bibs. They are super adjustable as well and generally are big. Love the pouch to for food catching – Maggie does too, she often will eat what is left in there at the end of her meal!!

For extra messy meals it’s also nice to have:

Long-Sleeved Bibs

Ours is actually from IKEA, but these ones on Amazons come with five for a good price! I also like the pockets on the Amazon ones. I don’t use our long-sleeved bib often but it’s nice to have if baby is eating something really messy (anything with pasta sauce) or even for sensory crafts that are on the messier side!

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