Gifts for a Mama (or Treat Yo’self for the Holidays 2020)

Just sharing a few items I have really liked for myself lately. I feel like I often buy for Maggie and not myself – not that I don’t shop, because I do but I buy a lot of stuff for her, or the house vs actually for me. So here are a few things I’ve grabbed recently for me or that I’ve really appreciated.

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For the Mamas!

All images are from the associated websites below.

Personal Planner

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I recently posted my customized Personal Planner with Maggie on the front. It is more than just the cover that can be customized though – you can customize many aspects of the interior as well to suit your needs. For example, I have three columns in mine for my husband, Maggie and my own schedule!

I love that it helps keep me organized in regards to each of our schedules. The spaces are big to write in (that is a must have for me) and on the website you can also order some cool extras like beautiful fine-point pens or stickers!

Check it out – if you’re interested, you can use the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS for 15% off your order.

A Tripod – So Mama Can Be in Pictures Too!

Common Craft (Indigio) Tripod or Amazon Option

I have both the tripods above and I like both – I see that the Common Craft one has terrible reviews on Indigo but I personally haven’t found any issues with it thus far (I’ve only had it for about two weeks though).

The Amazon option (UBeesize) is amazing for the price! Easy to extend and fold up (it folds up more compact than the CC one), extendable to fit most phones. There is also an option available for one that has a selfie light with it – but I can’t speak to the quality of that specifically.

Something Cheetah/Leopard Print!

I don’t know about you but I am totally obsessed with cheetah and/or leopard print stuff right now – which to some might be tacky, but whatever. I love it.

Some items I’ve got recently that have this print are my adorable long cardigan (I’ve provided the Amazon link but I actually bought mine locally from Tiny Soles Boutique, so if you’re an Ontario mom or buying for an Ontario mom consider shopping locally!) – I actually got this back in March or April, but it’s one of my favourite staple cardigans! The print is minimal so it actually goes with a lot. I also grabbed a pull-over teddy sweater from Tiny Soles (here it is on Amazon).

I also just got my Old Navy and Joe Fresh orders and in them I got these Mid-Rise Cozy Faux-Fur Joggers in Leopard and this Mandarin Collar Shirtdress – the print is “Dark Taupe” but it is cheetah print really.

Cute winter boots!

One of my favourite parts of fall and winter is boots. Fall is best, but winter boots can be cute too!!

I grabbed these sherpa-lined boots from American Eagle and they are friggen adorable! I just want to shout out to @withlovechelss on Instagram because these, the Mandarin dress above, and the jacket and sweater below were literally all items she shared on Instagram. If you’re looking for fashion/style recommendations, definitely give her a follow because her style is fantastic!

A cozy sweater or jacket!

And you don’t have to spend a ton. Winners is usually my go to for a good winter jacket though (the one I’m suggesting is not a replacement for a real, winter durable jacket) just as a note.

I recently grabbed this hoodie and this reversible jacket from American Eagle.

  • The hoodie is large so size down unless you want it super oversized! I sized down and it’s still pretty big but that is the style
  • The jacket is also larger so I recommend also sizing down 1 size if you don’t want it to fit as big, however that is the style as well!

Comfy new leggings

My all-time favourite leggings are Lululemon – and I know they’re expensive, but honestly they are worth it. My aligns lasted me for a year or two pre-pregnancy, through pregnancy (and if you saw me, I mean I wore them to the very end) and are still kicking! They didn’t even stretch out? But they are starting to wear a bit so I decided to grab a second pair – I have a bunch of other Lulus already and wanted to try something different.

So of course I ordered a pair of leggings from AE. The Everything Pocket Highest-Waisted Leggings are amazing. Truly, they exceeded my expectations. I never expected to ever like a pair of leggings as much as the Lulus I have, but I love these. The pocket is a huge bonus and is conveniently located in a place that doesn’t feel uncomfortable. They also come in many prints! I just have black, but I plan to grab a few others for at-home use, or even working out.

A new coffee mug

Or tea, or whatever you or the mama in your life likes.

If you have a mama who is constantly on the go, I suggest a Yeti Rambler. These cups are versatile and excellent quality; come in a variety of colours to suit your mamas needs; and are stainless steel so great for a variety of drinks.

If your mama is more of a homebody, then I love the Rae Dunn mugs. So many different sweet and simple designs to choose from. This one even says Mama Bear – so cute!

If you’re looking for something more sentimental, try finding Starbucks Been There series mugs. Did you know they actually have many available on Amazon through the Starbucks Store?! Like this Canada mug – so cute.


Another item I am currently obsessed with and honestly, I have curly hair – how was I not an avid scrunchie user before this year?!

You can get scrunchies pretty much everywhere these days, but my all time favourites right now are from a local small shop – Bubba’s & Mama’s. The quality of these scrunchies is excellent and they work SO well with my thick hair (which can be a hard criteria to meet).

And I just became a big time Crocs fan… so FUZZY CROCS!

6 months ago, you would never have ever seen me suggest crocs as a gift for anyone. I despised them. However, I have to admit they have really stepped up their game and due to my husband’s obsession with them, about two years ago I was convinced to go into the local Crocs store and I ended up grabbing a pair of sandals (that don’t look like classic Crocs, I should mention).

Cut to pandemic life 2020 – my husband got fur-lined Crocs. Then he showed me they had leopard print fur-lined Crocs?! Suddenly all my preconceived beliefs about Crocs were gone – I was committed and let me tell you – best purchase ever! They’re so comfy, great for when I just need to run out to the car or let the dog out (not in the snow, but it hasn’t snowed much yet this year), or they can just be worn as strictly indoor “slippers”.

These are them and I love ’em. Perfect for mamas for in-home wear!

Thanks for reading!

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