Maggie’s Picks: Bath Time

I don’t know about your babies, but in this house we love baths. I loved them when I was pregnant (still do but in pregnancy I was taking a bath almost daily in third trimester) and Maggie has pretty much loved them since she was a newborn. A bath is often one of those first *special* moments you share with your little one – whether it be in hospital, or at home. It can also be a bit stressful the first time you do it, because you’re worried about things like the umbilical cord, the temperature of the water, and whether or not the soap or wash will bother your babies skin.

Well, writing this just made me realize I should write a separate post on bath related myths/question & answers – consider it added to my long to do list. However, this post can still be helpful – it’s a few things we have loved at bath time – from newborn to now. Maggie’s picks!

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Angelcare Bath Support

We received two bath supports at our baby shower – this one and the Fisher Price Whale of a Tub. I can honestly say I loved this one for several reasons, and preferred it over the FP one.

The Angelcare support is small and light. The FP tub is light too, but it’s quite a bit bigger. Both fit in our tub despite this.

I liked the Angelcare support best because it seemed more supportive of Maggie, especially when she was a newborn. I also liked that it sat right in the tub vs. the whale tub sort of is its own tub, within your tub. Tub, tub, tub.

The few times we used the FP whale tub, I was nervous Maggie would slip because the seating/reclining area is quite a bit smaller. I was never nervous with her in the Angelcare support.

She also let us know – by crying – that she didn’t like the FP tub as much. This could have just been a coincidence but she rarely ever cried in the Angelcare support – so we used that one consistently after some trial and error and never looked back.

I think a bath support is based on parental comfort – choose what you feel will make you feel your baby is the most safe during bath time. I do recommend this product though, especially in the newborn stage.

Baby Wash – We Love Hello Bello and Honest Company!

Again, baby wash is very preference based. Each parent will have their preferred ingredients and a specific list of things they want from a product they are using on their babies skin. I totally understand this.

For me, my husband has eczema – so I was concerned about Maggie also having sensitive skin (I do not have this issue). I wanted to start her off with something fragrance free and with ingredients I could recognize. We were gifted two box sets of Honest Company products, and I felt it matched my criteria so we used it & loved it.

Why did we switch? Simply because I have a Hello Bello subscription for diapers and got a bottle of baby wash for free with my first order. Since then, because of the discounted price when you subscribe, I have continued to use this one (I also really like their bubble bath – we use it for Maggie, and I use it when I take a bath too!). It is really affordable on if you don’t have a subscription! 7.99$ and on sale right now for 5.99$ CAD!

A Brush and Comb Set

You might be thinking – well my baby doesn’t really have that much hair, so why would I need this? In the early days of having baby home, cradle cap is common. Even with very little hair, a baby brush can be helpful to remove cradle cap – or a comb if baby has longer hair. Just make sure it is a soft brush – like the one in the set I’ve linked above.

Notably, another option is to use a toothbrush to remove it – so whatever works for you! I liked having the brush to clean Maggie’s hair in the bath (it helped to pull the wash through) even after her cradle cap was gone. It is also good later on as baby’s hair grows!

Bath Rinser

So I’ve linked the more aesthetically pleasing version (it also has a flexible part where it pours out so you can put it safely against baby’s head which is cool), but we honestly use a dollar store measuring cup at our bath time! In the end, the same goal is achieved – it scoops up water and rinses baby during bath.

A Bath Thermometer

There is so much anxiety around bath temperature, especially when you have a newborn. I was so worried about it being too hot or too cold, since baby’s are so sensitive to temperature.

Ideally, bath water should be around 100 F or 38 C. Also keep your home warm (or at least the bathroom), to prevent baby from becoming cold when they are removed from the water.

This bath thermometer (linked above) is the one we used – it only has 4/5 starts on Amazon, but I honestly found it worked well in the early days. Now we have a good understanding of the temperature the water needs to be for Maggie, so we don’t use it as much.

Hooded Towels and Washcloths

You probably already have washcloths in your house – we received many as gifts, which was great but I quickly realized we probably could have just used the million we already have. Either way, now we have extra. Some people like separate ones for baby, or feel that baby ones are “softer”.

Any towel could also be used, but I like the hooded ones for the added warmth they provide baby with after bath. The ones I’ve linked above come in a great package for a good deal! You get both hooded towels and wash cloths – so it’s a great starter pack for new parents.

Bath Toys!

Baby likely won’t care about bath toys for a little bit, but when they start sitting up especially there is a greater interest in making bath time more fun.

Some toys for the bath we have and have loved (I avoid anything I have to squeeze water out of or can’t wash if they’re a softer material):

  • Baby Shark Swimming Bath Toy – I should mention Maggie loves this, us… well we tolerate it!! They play music and swim which is great fun for little ones.
  • Yookidoo Spout – this is by far Maggie’s favourite bath toy to date, it sucks water up from the bath and you can turn it on so that it fountains back out. The cups are stackable (great skills development opportunity!) and some hold water and others leak – it’s a very cool toy.
  • Bath Finger Puppets – these are easy to clean as they are made of a washcloth material (you can wash them in your washing machine), and fun for parent & baby play in the tub!
  • Measuring Cups – this is a favourite in and out of the bath! Grab them at your local dollar store.

I don’t think bath toys have to be too complicated – just look for any concept your baby likes in a water-friendly form! I can’t recommend the Yookidoo spout enough though – that’s definitely all of our favourites.

After Bath Lotion

We’ve tried a few different lotions, but I like the Honest Company lotions the best. I use a sensitive skin one on Maggie again, only because I worry that she has sensitive skin like many babies do (or like her dad). We have some scented products as well – I use them on myself!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on bath myths & q+a!

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