Double Digits: 10 Months of Maggie

Double digits. I can’t believe it – I’ve been somewhat dreading this day, but also excited for it? She is getting so close to the big one year and I can’t help but think, HOW?! How has time gone by so fast? How does each day feel so long, but each month so short? Time is a thief, but it is also generous in its gifts. It’s a concept created by humans, time – if you ever want to think about that super in-depth then I suggest reading Sapiens.

Anyways, I can’t believe we are here but wow was 9 months a month! Honestly, in terms of motor development she had one major motor milestone and is juuuust on the edge of the next one, so it was a bit slower. I can tell there are a lot of changes going on internally though, and we had a couple other “firsts” that I’ll share…

She can stand unsupported (but only for a few seconds).

Maggie has started to stand up on her own, either rising from a squatting position or just releasing whatever she is holding when furniture surfing. Now, she doesn’t do it for very long yet – only a few seconds and then she usually topples over, but she gets so excited when it happens and it’s adorable. Like everything she does, really.

I know our next step is longer standing periods and maybe even first steps – we shall see what her tenth month of life brings us!

… Otherwise it’s been a month of improvement in the motor department.

She crawls faster. Moves with firmer and quicker steps when holding onto the couch. She isn’t necessarily doing much else that is new much she is definitely working on the skills she already has.

She said mama!

So less new motor skills developing this month means she had more time for other skills – like saying mama! I got the cutest video of her saying it a few times for me – it melts my heart.

I am working on getting her to say dada, which everyone told me she would likely say first, but she hasn’t quite figured it out yet. She has said ‘da’ for awhile, but not with purpose so that’s my goal for month ten (or at least by 11 months for daddy’s Christmas present)!

She had her first cold.

I am so lucky to be able to say this only now! This is a silver lining of the pandemic I guess. Since we’re not out and seeing people, we’re social distancing and wearing masks – Maggie has avoided getting sick until now. I remember when I found out she was due in January, I was so scared she would get a cold as a newborn – but she never did because the pandemic came on full force shortly after.

The first night was the worst. She started having symptoms mid-day – just a runny nose. She never ‘acted’ sick until night time. She was getting sleepy so we gave her some Motrin and put her to sleep around her normal time – she woke up about an hour later coughing because of the congestion. She coughed so hard she spit up – I felt so bad. We ended up doing lots of cuddling that night to help – she was so happy to be in my arms she fell asleep right away (which she never does anymore). Nobody really tells you how hard it is when they get sick, or at least you can’t really ‘know’ until you experience it – even when it’s just a measly cold, it can be hard. As always, I gave her whatever she needed to help her feel better.

I’m going to do a separate blog post on the couple of things we used/tried to help her with her cold symptoms. Luckily, that first night seemed to be the beginning as well as the peak. The second night was hard, but no where like the first and then she seemed pretty much improved since then. She still has a few residual sniffles when laying down now (it is now a few days later) but other than that I can say we survived our first cold pretty well! I am glad it’s over.

Her personality has begun to really shine through.

I feel like I say this monthly but really – her personality develops so much every month. This month she has started to laugh more at things that she finds funny, but she has also started doing this adorable closed-eye smile when she first sees me or my husband, or when something makes her really happy. It kills me!! See above for a preview – it’s so much better in person and in those moments where you know she is just so happy. Gah.

It is not all smiles and giggles though. She does have a saucy side to her personality, already!! She doesn’t like to have anything she wants taken away from her or you’ll hear about it. She also has recently started to dislike her car seat (we are just about to transition her out of the bucket seat as she is almost at the length max – and it’s probably good timing since she hates it), so we get an earful about that.

She is very mischievous and she knows when she is doing something that she shouldn’t necessarily be doing (like getting into the TV cabinet).

She loves animals – her pets are her life already. She gets excited when the dog or cats come near, and her and the black cat (Murphy) have really hit it off.

There are so many other little parts of her personality that are starting to blossom and I love seeing it. I am feeling a bit (ok, very) sad that I will be returning to work next month. I have been trying my best to be open and accepting to it though – and I am happy that her first few trials at daycare have gone super well and she loves it there. That makes the whole transition a lot easier.

That’s pretty much it for this month… we’ve been busy working on our skills, saying words, & developing a beautiful personality. I can’t wait to see what this tenth month brings!

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