Holiday Gift Guide: My Favourite Canadian Small Shops

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I love small shops. I have previously shared some small shops I loved in other posts (here and here) but I thought, just in time for the holidays, I’d help promote a few that I adore! I’ve also included a list at the end of a few small shops I follow but haven’t purchased from yet (they are on my ‘to do’ list if you will). I’ve included links + pictures where possible to make life easier for everyone, and if I have a discount code you can bet it’s there too!

Disclaimer: I earn from qualifying Etsy purchases through Like to Know It.

Why do I like small shops?
1) By shopping locally, you are supporting the Canadian economy. I also like the idea of supporting someone I can “see” or get to know; someone with a family, or loved ones to support. Someone who is trying to get through school, motherhood, or whatever journey they’re on.
2) Working off that point – it’s a more personal shopping experience, often with excellent customer service. I can’t say I’ve personally ever shopped small and felt like I had bad customer service. Everyone I’ve worked with or bought from has been so sweet!
3) Products are unique and often one-of-a-kind. Sure, a lot of places resell or buy similar products to sell, but they have different selections, take different spins of things, offer different discounts and more. Many handmade products are truly one-of-a-kind items, and I love that!

P.S. For this month, this post will take the place of my monthly shop spotlight!

My Favourite Small Shops in Canada

For Baby Girl Headwear

Royal Threadz Handmade Headwear (Etsy)/ Instagram

Royal Threadz ignited my love for headwear. I was pregnant, went to the Mama Market and bought my two very first turbans from there! Since then I’ve purchased many turbans, as well as headbands for myself! Quality is always amazing, sizing is appropriate for indicated age, and I love when Maggie gets featured on their page!

My Favourite Item: Ruffle Turbans – they have a few different styles but I love the look of the ruffle always! I recently grabbed this one (pictured above).

Parker Olivia & Co (Etsy) / Instagram

I don’t even remember how I found Lia’s shop – but I’m so happy I did! She is out in Alberta and makes beautiful bows! I love the patterns that she uses for each season or special event, and the variety of materials. Every bow we have form Parker Olivia & Co is a stunning piece of art! Lia also makes the cutest hair clips – we’re just not ready for them yet (grow hair, grow!!).

You can use our discount code, MAGGIE10 to get 10% off your purchase (Maggie is a brand rep!). She has a beautiful bunch of Christmas bows coming out soon! We will definitely be purchasing some.

My Favourite Item: Any variation of the Charlie Bow! I have my eye on the Charlie Holiday velvet bow right now.

Rae Bow Boutique (Instagram)

Devan and I connected via an Instagram group, doing a small collaboration. I loved the products she sent me and since then I have ordered more (I tend to do that – if I like your stuff, I like to keep ordering)! The designs are cute and unique, and I love that they are so affordable.

My Favourite Item: I loved the fall set we got, but I have my eye on the new head wraps!

Marigold Bows / Instagram

Mariah makes adorable bows and the quality is excellent. She also has turbans and head wraps – which we plan to grab ASAP because they’re super cute and such a good price; as well as other accessories like onesies, hats for mama, sweaters, and phone cases! I noticed she has holiday patterns out already – in bows and wraps – so check out if you haven’t got your outfit(s) for the season all set up.

My Favourite Item: The Olive Classic Bow is a beautiful style & colour – definitely one of my favourite’s on Maggie (pictured above).

My Stitching Fun Shop (Etsy) / Instagram

Maggie is happy to be a brand rep for My Stitching Fun Shop this season! We just received our bows yesterday and I am in love with them. I also got a scrunchie for myself – many of the shops I’ve listed also do mama scrunchies and/or other hair accessories, which is amazing. The shop also boasts some more unique items – embroidered clips and hand embroidered collars!

You can use the code MyFun10 for 10% off your purchase!

My Favourite Item: The Green Floral Hand-Tied Hair Bow – the pattern is stunning and it actually works really well for the holiday season!

Bubbas N Mamas / Instagram

I bought our first mom & me set from Bubbas N Mamas at the Mommonality Market early this year (pre-COVID). Leopard print of course. We love the quality of the material and the adorable mom & me sets! There are so many options to choose from and there are now dad and me options! How cute is that. Don’t worry dad, you don’t have to wear a headband or scrunchie.

Beyond headwear (which includes bows, head wraps, and a variety of clips) they also have bibs, and different sets including a family photo shoot set for the holidays! If we do holiday pictures, I know where to look!

My Favourite Item: The Leopard Print Bow & Scrunchie Set (with a sewn band).

Petite Blush / Instagram

Need a beautiful head piece for a styled shoot? I recommend Petite Blush. Our floral headband from this shop is stunning with beautiful small details. There are so many colours and options to choose from and the best part is the price is so reasonable!! The shop also carries other items like cute mini handbags (also good for a photoshoot!), gift boxes, shoes, hats, and more.

My Favourite Item: The Ivory + Toffee headpiece. So stunning!

Boges Bowz (Instagram)

This shop and the next one were included in a giveaway run through Piper’s Closet that we won for Halloween! I was so impressed by the quality of these clips. My absolute favourite though is the little witch hat clip – Maggie’s hair is just long enough I was able to put it in (but of course she rips it off – I try). The Christmas bows I see on Instagram are super cute -I feel like I’m going to end up with a thousand headpieces for Maggie for Christmas because I just can’t decide!

Boges Bowz is sold through one of our all-time favourite vendors, Baby Tee’s Co (see below for more about them) as well as via DM on Instagram.

My Favourite Item: mentioned above, but since Halloween’s over, I’ll tell you that I have my eye on the Tessa Bow in velvet leopard.

Elles Bowtique / Instagram

Bows for baby and scrunchies for mama – we love it! I love when I can shop for both of us at the same time. If you saw my recent Instagram post, Maggie is wearing her boo-tiful bow from Elles Bowtique in the photo. The quality is of course, excellent, and what a unique bow! So many people commented on it – so if you’re looking for a showstopper piece, check them out.

My Favourite Item: Honestly, both the Halloween bows we received were beautiful (candy corn + ghost). I’m excited to see their Christmas Bow release, because I really like the style + quality of both the bows I have (plus, Maggie kept them on her head which she doesn’t always do these days).

Ava Bear Bowtique / Instagram

Maggie is a new brand rep for Ava Bear Bowtique! I’ve had my eye on this shop for awhile and I just received my order today and I am so impressed with the quality of all the pieces! I especially love the headwraps I ordered – it was so hard to choose prints/colours, but I’m really glad I grabbed this red leopard one because it’s adorable (I love it all, but that’s definitely my favourite item).

You can use the code MAGGIE10 for 10% off your orders!

For Baby Clothing

My top 5 favourite baby clothing shops (primarily clothing at least, many also offer accessories + clothing for mama or family) are below in no particular order because I love them all, plus one extra that I’ll talk about separately.

Little Peanut Boutique / Instagram

What I Have My Eye On: Christmas drop! I actually just placed an order about a week ago – can’t wait to get Maggie’s fancy + casual Christmas outfits in the mail (yes, I am that mom).

Baby Moon Kids Apparel / Instagram

What I Have My Eye On: I love Maggie’s little cable knit two-piece from here, Brenda, but what I put on her Christmas list (which includes my list of favourite small shops) is the rockstar jeans. Baby jeans kill me!

Pipers Closet / Instagram

What I Have My Eye On: the big chunky sweaters! I can’t wait till they drop – I need to order. Good for boys & girls!

Tiny Soles Boutique / Instagram

What I Have My Eye On: Last weekend I just ordered for myself – the On the Run! pull-over. It is so comfy and not the first leopard print item I’ve ordered from here. For baby, I’m loving the oversized pullover (unisex) and all the little oxfords! Maggie already has two pairs but you can never have enough of these!

AC Handmade / Instagram

What I Have My Eye On: their Christmas sets! They also have bows too (we have two that are so unique & adorable).

.. and Jacks Mamas! (Instagram)

Jacks Mamas is a bit different – their primary product is slippers and boy do they look comfy! It’s on my list to order a pair for myself (because they make them in all sizes), but Maggie’s pair are so cute and comfy looking. Denise makes several different patterns/colours of booties, different heights and so on. They also have mitts and hats – aka, this is a perfect small shop to go to in advance of Christmas and winter.

You can use our code, MAGGIE15, to get 15% off your order!

For Custom + Other Items

GlitterGlammCrafts / Instagram

I love custom “mama” shirts, and even better are mommy & me outfits. GlitterGlammCrafts sells women’s & family apparel – so they have it all! Lots of pre-made designs available on their shop but you can also place custom orders if there is something specific you’re looking for!

What I Have My Eye On: their holiday collection is looking super cute so far, but I’d really be happy with any of their crew sweaters such as this one. They also have a really cute “Dada” sweater here (that would actually match with my diamond mama tee!).

Bree and Lou

More beautiful custom screen printed apparel! I am a big fan of the tie dye craze happening right now and love that this shop has a ton of custom tie dye options!

What I Have My Eye On: Christmas ornaments! Totally customizable and I haven’t got any for Maggie yet. It’s been on my list but I just haven’t found the right one – custom makes that much easier!

Needle + (pun)ch Design (Etsy) / Instagram

Another shop I found through the Mama Market, I got the cutest custom bib for Maggie here! Erika was so sweet and explained all the customizable options to me in person (I’m sure she is just as helpful virtually). They have a lot more than bibs – tea towels, aprons, masks, pet bandanas, pillows, and so much more! Check out their Etsy for all the fun options they have available.

What I Have My Eye On: I’ve missed the Christmas deadline, but a large pet bandana with my dogs name sounds perfect!

Pop Kids Designs / Instagram

We just received two beautiful pieces from this shop and I can’t wait to share photos (once I find good frames). We customized the art to include Maggie’s name, a quote, and colours that matched with our nursery. They also do wall decor & decals which are super popular right now – if you’re looking for either check these guys out and shop local.

What I Have My Eye On: It’s getting close to Maggie’s first birthday and I love this first birthday memory print! So cute and a perfect way to document your littles one growth and changes over one year.

Baby Tee’s Co / Instagram

I’m pretty sure I name drop BTC in almost every product recommendation guide I do – it’s actually the small shop that we have the most items from I think! Pacifier clips, dishes, accessories, teether toys, and so much more – you have to look at their site to see everything Karissa offers!

What I Have My Eye On: This colour just dropped but I am obsessed with mustard so definitely the mustard bib + utensil set! We have the bib and utensil set in another colour and they are awesome! I want to add – my all time favourite item from BTC is the Finleigh (aka a universal sippy lid).

Unboxing Milestones / Instagram

I love Sam! She is so sweet and now also runs a motherhood group (@unboxingmotherhood) that I am proud to be a part of. Unboxing Milestones is great because it has a variety of stuff – including baby boxes! Two of my favourite bibs (non-silicone, for drool) are from there.

What I Have My Eye On: the girl gang stuff like the GG toque – perfect and cute for winter!

For Jewellery

Kolera (Etsy) / Instagram

I won a beautiful silver chain from here through the Mom Market Mississauga. They also have gold filled & gold plated jewellery, including rings, earrings, anklets and more.

The Gems Co.

I also won a bracelet from Mel through the same giveaway I mentioned just above. She makes gem stone bracelets and they are stunning! Gem stones always make beautiful jewellery and I love the colour and stone combinations Mel puts together.

Canadian Small Shops On My Radar

Meaning, I haven’t shopped here yet but they’re on my list for future shopping sprees.

beautiful hand-crafted pieces including headwear! Perfect for a photoshoot, birthday, etc.

just won a shop credit for here – loving the shawls and scarves of course!

just ordered two things from here – including a hand dyed crib sheet and I can’t wait to receive them! Not just for littles!

play dough & sensory kitscan’t wait till M’s a bit older for this stuff! Holiday sensory rice and play dough available.

I love faux fur blankets! Those are my favourites to use at home and in the stroller. These ones are also perfect for photos – I’m swooning over this Saffron vintage floral print particularly! w

Beautiful swaddles, sleepers, wooden toys and more. They also have preloved clothing – literally my favourite kind of clothing to shop. I love finding older/more unique pieces gently used.

That’s just a few – there are honestly so many small shops local to me that I want to buy from. If you are curious, follow my instagram account because I always share cute stuff I see and/or buy in my stories! Happy shopping!

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