Small Shop Spotlight: Yasou Mama – Ready Made Hospital Bags!

I am so happy to introduce my newest series of posts – small shop spotlights! I do a favourite items list every few months for things we have used/like, but I also want to bring attention to small shops in Canada, the USA and beyond that make items for mamas, babes, and families. I know how hard it can be to become “known” online – so I want to help some people get there if I can, while also helping to connect mamas and families to great resources, fashion finds and more!

Please note that the following information comes from the owner of the shop themselves – I have not tried the products and this is not a product review.

The first shop that’s being spotlighted is Yasou Mama!

The following responses come directly from Zainab, owner of Yasou Mama:

About Zainab, owner of Yasou Mama:

My name is Zainab. I am a single mom of two. I have a full time job at a construction company and I also own a small business, Yasou Mama. I was born in Greece and lived in at least 4 different countries throughout my life. I love baking and party planning. And babies. I love babies. Cuddling a baby is therapy to me. 

What inspired you to start Yasou Mama?

When I was pregnant and it was time to start packing my hospital bag, I found endless lists of what you need to pack. But despite that, I noticed that packing a hospital bag has been such a struggle for moms!

Pregnant influencers always ask their followers for advice and most of them even post videos and pictures on what they included to help other expecting moms. I find that the task of packing a baby bag is always joyful, whereas the task of packing your own hospital bag is always a source of stress. So to eliminate that anxiety, I launched my pre packed hospital bag business!

What is included in a pre-packed hospital bag?

I did not want to put things in the bags that will not be used, so I picked items that I know moms will need and will use. I have thought of everything – toiletries, socks, slippers, nipple balm, pads, oral care, hair care, delivery gowns, everything! You name it, I got it!

I have 3 pre-made bundles at a fixed price, but I also recently launched a new option where you can create your own custom bag. Maybe you have already buying a few things or maybe you won’t be breastfeeding, so not everything in the bundles applies to you. I wanted to create options for moms of all financial backgrounds.

What is your favourite item that you sell?

I love it when I get custom orders, because it gives me a chance to interact with the customer more and make sure that we find a bag and price that are perfect for her. 

What has been your biggest challenge running a small business?

My biggest challenge thus far has been getting my name out. I always naively thought that because you are on instagram and have an online shop, that people will know your brand in no time! I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It takes so much time and so much effort to get customers to visit your store and then to place an order. Also, with a full time job and two monkeys…I mean kids…two KIDS at home, it is hard to juggle all that sometimes!

Anything additional you’d like to mention about your shop?

The products and packaging I use for my bundles are environmentally friendly, organic and natural. I want this business to be a starting point for change. I want us to work together to minimize waste and create a safer, sustainable future for our kids.

I love supporting other small businesses, especially if they are Canadian and owned by women. Many of the products I include are Canadian made by small businesses owned by awesome, strong women. 

And there you have it – a great small shop option for mamas to be or friends of those who will be having a baby soon!

What do I love about it? I love that this takes the stress away from moms who are struggling with what exactly to pack in their hospital bags, or gives resources to those who know sort of what they want but still need some help – using custom orders. I wish I had known about this before I had Maggie! Bonus: eco-friendly is always great! And women run businesses!

Do you have a small shop and want to be featured? Contact me at, or message me directly on social media (links at bottom of the page). I’d love to feature you if your products are geared towards mamas, babes, or families! You can also nominate a shop for featuring and I’ll contact them directly!


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