My Favourite Baby Items and Small Shops: 5-8 Months

You might remember that a few months ago I did a post on our favourite baby items from 0-4 months. Well.. I’m back to provide you with an updated list. Our favourites change frequently as Maggie grows and becomes more curious and active! So here is a list of what we’ve loved from 5-8 months (and what we’ve continued to love) and where we’ve been shopping in that time. Stay tuned for a post on my baby registry recommendations soon too!

Please note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What Do We Still Use from 0-4 Months?

If you refer to my previous post, we are still using (please refer to my original post for more detailed reviews):


  • The Cosco Playard – just for travel and the cottage now
  • Evenflo Travel System
    • I talked about the tires in my previous post and how I felt that they weren’t the best quality – however, the stroller itself and all its attachments are still going strong. I still recommend this as a travel system because: 1) it’s easily portable and comes with everything you need for under 500$; 2) the whole system + an additional base if you need it are available on Amazon (makes life easy); 3) it’s great for light use (no trails) and for malls, grocery stores – any indoor areas.
  • Thule Urban Glide (original) – to add on to what I was saying above, this is a great stroller for trails and the outdoors – any long walking adventures. It’s a bit bigger than the Xpand but it fits well in a large trunk or on a roof rack. It is a bit more pricy (we got ours gently used) but the newer version is available on Amazon
  • We just recently retired the Mamaroo as Maggie is now pulling herself to sit. We got good use out of it though – about 6.5 months! Again – this was an item I was lucky to grab very gently used for a reduced price (but it would be a good big ticket registry item!)
  • Infant to Toddler Rocker – we have semi-retired this one as again, Maggie is pulling herself out of it now. Will be covering it to the toddler setup in future, so it does get use for a good time frame and it is a great price
  • BabyBjörn Carrier Mini – Maggie is still in the weight frame for this carrier (25 lbs for forward facing) and I actually use it more than I did in the early days. She loves facing outwards now and will stay happy in it for a decent amount of time. It allows me to get stuff done, and is good at the cottage/camping for hands-free moments (like sipping on an ice cold beer!)
  • Junior Foxes Ring Sling – still using this one too, mostly for at home when hands-free is needed. I find carrier choice is very preference based and you may have to try some out before you decide which works best for you (and baby of course)
  • Snuggle Me Organic – this still remains my most recommended item for registries! The use period for the infant lounger is 0-9 months and then there is even a toddler lounger if your baby outgrows it and still loves it (we are thinking about it). Canadian mamas – you can grab it on sale usually at Indigo Baby or Snuggle Bugz!


  • Parent’s Choice Light Up Penguin – not as much use as when she was itty bitty, but Maggie plays with this as a toy and she likes it because she is able to press the tummy and make it light up/play music! It is actually a good “cause-and-effect” toy that is safe.
  • Rattles – M is still playing with a variety of rattles, however I bought a few that are also teether now which I’ll share below
  • Oball Classic Ball – still using this one too, great because she can put her fingers in it and explore. She is also learning that she can throw it – I got her a few more balls recently too which I’ll share below. The Oball is an add-on item on Amazon though which means it’s super affordable & can be added on to any purchase!
  • Playgro Dingly Dangly Toy – she has this and one similar that she still explores – she is very interested in small details lately, and all the colors and textures on these toys make lots for her to explore!
  • Wooden Baby Gym – still getting used though it’s on the way to being ‘retired’ too soon – Maggie can now reach the items which is great, and will play with it while sitting up (it got a lot of use when she was first sitting up on her own) however she’s also now strong enough to knock it over on herself (which scares me more than her I think)
  • Banana Brush – still a great teether option! They have a few different teethers on their website too – easy to clean.

We are still reading many of the same books, however I will talk about that a little bit more at the end of the post. I’ll also cover our small shop faves below – we still love all the ones from the last post!


Status Beckett 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Maggie moved into her own room around 7 months and things have been going really well (I’m going to share my 8 month update later this week). Since she moved in there she has bee sleeping in her crib – which I’ve linked above. This crib was easy to set up, affordable and is convertible which means you can get a lot of use out of it! We’ve had no issues with it so far.

Jolly Jumper (with stand)

I realized I didn’t talk about this in my last post because Maggie wasn’t using it yet, but from about 4.5 months forward it got a fair amount of use. Maggie really enjoys her time in it, but if I’m being honest some days I wish we purchased the one that fits into the door frame – I feel like I’d be more likely to set it up and use it.

HOWEVER – we did use it outdoors in the summer with the blow up pool we have (see below) and we wouldn’t have been able to do that with the door frame set up so I am happy with that because this was a great way for M to cool off in the shade!

Setting up the stand is quick, I’m just sort of lazy I guess haha!! But if baby likes it, it’s pretty cheap and I noticed they have a “super stand” set up that is a bit more compact that may be better (because it does take up a fair amount of space – however it can be hung up to store because it collapses).

Evenflo Exersaucer

Another great find at Kid to Kid – which is a store of gently used children + maternity items. I wanted to get M one of these for awhile but didn’t want to spend a ton since at this point I knew she wouldn’t be in one for long (she just started crawling last week). We found one gently used for a good price and she loves it! I wish I had got it sooner – it’s definitely something I would recommend to parents, and honestly I feel like there are many good brands making them.

Important thing for me with equipment – being easy to clean. Pretty much all the parts of this come off and can be wiped down easily. I of course did a thorough cleaning of it when we brought it home.

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair

This was a registry item for us because I didn’t want to have to worry about getting a high chair later and I knew this one had great reviews. I liked that it was convertible and “grows” with baby (so you don’t have to spend anymore money because I am frugal… sometimes).

It is so easy to wipe down & wash the cover. Straps are all adjustable. It looks big but it actually fits well into a small space in our dining room. On wheels so easy to move (I like to put Maggie near the kitchen with a snack when I’m doing dishes or cooking).

The tray has a removable cover and both parts can be easily wiped down after meals. Sometimes I even bring it outside and spray it down with the hose (people who have babies just starting solids will understand!).

Overall – love this high chair! If we hadn’t received it, I likely would have bought the Ikea one, but I’m happy that our generous friends decided to get us this from our registry!

Angelcare Bath Support

I actually forgot to mention this in my 0-4 month post, since she has been using this support since her very first bath. As Maggie is sitting now, I’m sad to say we are going to retire this item to the garage for next baby. It served us well – we actually got two of these bath supports at our baby shower – one was this Angelcare one and the other was this Fisher Price “Whale of a Tub” one. They’re honestly both good, for whatever reason I preferred the Angelcare one – I think it was just smaller and easier to move around (like I said – I’m lazy!!). I also found Maggie slipped off of it less – maybe she just preferred it.

If someone asked, I’d recommend this one first again, just based on how much more we used it and preference.

Echert Kids Double Sided Play Mat

We got this item as a gift and I love it! It’s been so useful for Maggie now that she’s moving. We have it in our living room – it is large but fits perfectly in the room.

It’s foam so when she was first learning to sit up on her own, it made me feel better that this was what she had to land on (we have laminate on the main floor where we usually are). It has two sides – again, it can be easily cleaned and wiped down or vacuumed. It can also be flipped – mine isn’t exactly the one shown on the website but it has the alphabet on one side and a town/road on the other. Lots of fun!

Minnidip Mini Pool

We grabbed our blow-up pool from and it was delivered so fast (see pictured with Jolly Jumper above)! Yes – I realize I could have bought a pool from Walmart for much less money, but we got the mini size one and I figured she would at least use it for a few years as long as we take good care of it. It’s also just super cute, ok?! Sometimes mama has to splurge a bit.

There isn’t anything special about this really except the design – it’s a good size if you have a small backyard too. Easy to blow up with a pump. Great for putting the Jolly Jumper over as I mentioned, or just putting a bit of water in for baby to sit in.

Boppy Pillow

Another item I failed to mention in my 0-4 month post – mostly because I used it then for feeding. From 5-7ish months we have been using it more as a prop though and it was helpful when Maggie was first sitting up on her own. I actually think I did mention this item in my postpartum vlog video – it is a bit of a smaller nursing pillow which some people will really like and others will not. It totally depends on how much support you need, the size of your baby (and your breasts honestly), and what you prefer.

As a prop, it’s small and convenient. We’re not really using it anymore because Maggie is crawling and sitting on her own, but it has many uses in the first several months of life. Also there are so many cute covers! I love a customizable item!!

Going to the beach? I know summer is almost over but some places are still enjoying beach weather, so here is our list of beach items we loved from 0-6 months (still pretty much the same now at almost 8 months)!


Infantino Textured Ball Set

I mentioned I grabbed more balls – well these are the ones! These are great for sensory stimulation as well as motor development. Maggie loves the yellow ball – honestly, probably because it looks like it has well.. nipples.

Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks

Another great item for motor development, these were purchased as a gift for Maggie. Her favorite thing right now isn’t ‘sorting’ the shapes, but dumping them all on the floor and then eating them! We haven’t had any issues with her getting her hands stuck in the holes or anything as the lid easily comes off the box.

This is a bit of an older item since we grabbed it gently used, but Maggie also likes this Whale Shape Sorter by Fisher Price.

Ikea Stacking Cups and Stacking Rings

I personally had no idea that Ikea had kids toys – I figured this must be new (at least to Canada?) but when we finally were able to get in there safely, I walked through the section and was amazed at how much they had and for such a good price!

So far I grabbed the MULA Stack & Nest Cups and Stacking Rings. The cups are plastic and very safe, lots of sizes and colors which is great for babies. Again – Maggie is mostly into knocking any of my stacking creations onto the floor and sending all the cups rolling around are main floor but that’s exploration right?!

The rings are nice because they are wood but the pole they go on is actually a plastic material – long, straight things make me so nervous around baby so I was glad to see this was actually sort of flexible. Makes me less nervous if she were to fall on it or poke herself with the end.

For Teething

Maggie has been teething up a storm lately (she finally had a tooth pop through last week!) so she will put just about anything in her mouth (like her dads Crocs.. which I of course rush to take away because gross). I did buy her a few items specifically for teething, including the banana brush which I mentioned earlier.

  • Itzy Ritzy Teething Mitt – we got this really early on, when she wasn’t really teething yet but liked putting everything into her mouth; I didn’t like it then (she struggled with it and her hand was too small) but Maggie seems to like it now. Often she just removes it from her hand though and plays with it like a toy (this is also what she has started doing with any pacifiers we have left since she no longer takes them).
  • Loulou Lollipop Sushi Teether – we got this as a gift and it’s SO cute. Cody and I both love sushi so this was perfect for Maggie and it’s a great teether. This brand makes a lot of teether – they can be a bit pricey, but they’re thick and good quality. We use them in the carseat and the stroller mostly.
  • Fisher Price #Selfie Fun Phone + Teething Toy – this little phone I grabbed for Maggie at a Shopper’s Drug Mart when we were up North because nothing was cutting it for her with the teething. Also she always tries to grab our phones so I thought – why not try this? It is a rattle, mirror, and teether. Multipurpose and safe!
  • Baby Tee’s Co Tee’s Toy – I mentioned Baby Tee’s Co in my first post as one of our favourite small shops – it remains so! We have ordered so much stuff from here, including most of our dinnerware. They also have ice cream set teethers right now which are too cute (yes, I ordered one!).
  • Hello, Sunshine Doddle and Company Teether – this thing is so cool because it pops! like bubble wrap! Easy to attach to a clip if needed, and easy to clean. Maggie approves.

I’m going to do a post soon on everything we tried/used for teething (not just toys) so keep an eye out for that if you’re also struggling.

BTW – I talked about what we use for eating in this post and this one.


We recently added a few books to our rotation, such as Woke Baby (among others), however I haven’t even had time to read them all yet. Soon I’ll share are top few favorite books for the first year!

One thing I have done for Maggie is put up new book shelves for the ones we read at night/in the day, and put a basket on the floor with all her sensory books. This way she can crawl over and pull them out as she pleases! I really like this because we don’t really “read” the sensory books as much – sort of just during the day. This allows her to explore them on her own.

Small Shops We Love

Bow by Rae Bow Bowtique.

All the small shops I mentioned in my last post are still on our faves list! I am a very dedicated shopper – once I get something somewhere, I tend to return to the same places for more. I’ll mention a few new places though that we’ve been introduced to recently:

Rae Bow Bowtique

I name dropped this small shop in my 7 month update, since Maggie was wearing one of the bows in the photo. I have since ordered some fall-style bows too. The bow and scrunchie we received from the amazing maker, Devan, were both great quality and I will continue to order from here. The prints are all super cute and I love their sweetheart style.

Two Tiny Peas

I will mention this one again in my next post on favourites (and my teething post) because we haven’t got our item in the mail yet, but I can say the customer service and customization options were fantastic. Also check out the Instagram because the colors are so pretty for teethers and pacifier clips! Also silicone bibs! She’s also been doing mask holders and they’re so cute – great option for you if you’re sending your kids back to school

Pipers Closet

Haven’t had a chance to snap any pics yet, but I ordered from Piper’s Closet on their grand opening – the cutest pair of sunnies and a headband! Fast shipping for essentially a one-woman show, and we loved both items.

Looking forward to ordering some clothing items soon!

Note: Once again, Maggie will be a Brand Rep for Parker Olivia & Co! You can check them out here and use our code, MAGGIE10!

I’ve ordered (or received as prizes/gifts items) from some mama friendly places too that I’ll be covering in an upcoming post! There are also a few baby places I’m waiting on orders from which will be in my 9-12 month post.

Thanks for reading!

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