Why the Parenting Series is So Great

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to collaborate with the Parenting Series for multiple posts recently (see here and here) and as a show of appreciation, I wanted to share why I love it so much.

*Disclaimer: This blog is intended for informational purposes only. The information on this blog should not be used as a substitute to medical advice or medical treatment. As always, your Primary Care Provider, a doctor, or another health professional is your best resource for specific questions and medical advice. If you believe you or a loved one are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact 911.*

What Is It?

The Parenting Series was started by Blaire when COVID happened, as a way of connecting with other moms while also providing them with expert information.

You can attend webinars for a small fee, but also receive free resources on her Instagram. She shares information from experts and also has “Instagram takeovers” by a variety of them as well. Lots of learning opportunities to help support new parents – because parenting ain’t easy, as we all know.

As Blaire and I seem to share a passion for providing reliable information to parents, I am happy to support her.

What Is So Great About the Parenting Series?

You get access to evidence-based information from experts.

On the internet, this can be hard to come by. Although there are some sources that share expert opinion, I like that Blaire offers it in a format where I can see the expert or connect with them easily.

There is so much misinformation out there, especially online, that it’s nice to have an easily accessible source for good quality information on popular parenting topics such as: eating, child development, infant CPR, pelvic health, and more.

You can get up to date information for whatever stage you or your child are at (or useful information for the not-so-far-off future!)

The experts Blaire features cover a variety of topics – one of the upcoming webinars or takeovers is bound to be relevant to you as a parent, or your child at some stage – whether it is where they are now, or where they’ll be soon. Time is a thief, so it’s always good to look ahead when you can and figure out what you need to prepare for.

The experts provide information that is current. This is significantly more reliable than an old website page that hasn’t been updated in several years. As always, your primary care provider is your best resource for health information, but it’s nice to get access to additional information about milestones, or picky eaters from other healthcare specialists. Additionally, there is often a discount you get access to from attending the webinar – so that if you need further discussion with say, a pelvic physiotherapist, you can get that at a discounted price.

If you attend the webinar live, you get the opportunity to ask questions right then and there.

This is a huge benefit to paying the small fee to attend the webinar – there is always a Q+A session at the end and everyone gets an opportunity to ask their questions that may be more specific to their child or situation.

It is a webinar – meaning you don’t have to leave the comfort (or safety) or your own home!

With a pandemic happening, this is a huge bonus. Many places (including some providers) are offering online or tele-services right now, but there have also been a lot of event cancellations which means parents have less resources for information.

This is also nice for new parents in the future – it’s hard to get out of the house with a newborn (or even an older child) some days! Webinars are offered in the evenings, which is usually an easier time for one parent to attend (or both if baby is asleep).

Can’t attend live? Experience a child-shaped interruption in your viewing? No problem! You can watch the recorded webinar afterwards.

That’s right – no worries if something comes up or someone wakes up at webinar time. If you paid, you will get access to the recorded webinar after it airs. This means you can watch it whenever it is convenient for you which is seriously a huge perk as a parent.

I like it because it also gives me more time to take notes, or refer back to a slide or certain section of the presentation as needed.

And there you have it – check the Parenting Series out on Instagram! It’s a great resource for any parents (or parents-to-be) who are looking for additional information about their journey. Remember – your PCP is your best (and first) resource, but there are lots of supportive, additional resources out there to help you on your parenting journey.

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