7 Months of Maggie: The Sleep Regression I Didn’t Know About & Other Milestones

Everyone seems to warn you about the 4 month sleep regression and how hard it is on you and baby, with sleepless nights and crying. Maggie never had any issues with sleep at 4 months – actually other than the 2nd night we had her home (we were discharged after 3 hours in hospital post-delivery since we delivered with midwives, I talked a bit about this in my postpartum video) she slept really well even as a newborn! We were super thankful that we had apparently won some kind of secret baby-sleep-lottery – until now.

Apparently there is a sleep regression associated with almost every month. If you google “___ month regression” I guarantee something will pop up for it. Well apparently there is both a 6 & 7 month sleep regression (or they may be the same thing but listed differently by different sites). I think some regression can happen with sleep in association with any milestone baby is nearing or attempting to conquer.

Well, Maggie turned 7 months this past Saturday and for the past 2 weeks or so she has been not sleeping. I’m talking wake-ups every 1.5-2 hrs all night long. She used to sleep at least 4 hrs continuously if not more at the beginning of the night.

She’s been having trouble going down to sleep – usually bedtime for her is 8pm. It seems late but this seems to be (most nights) her natural bedtime. I can get her to bed usually anytime after 730-45pm realistically. Lately she has been fighting that though – 2 weeks ago we had a few nights of 1030-11 pm bedtimes, then she’d want to sleep in the next day. I stopped fighting it and then surprisingly she ‘reset’ back to 7 am wake up, 8ish pm bedtime. However, despite all my hardwork at 5 months of age to get her to go to bed from a drowsy state in her own bed, she now basically needs to be fed to sleep again. *Personally* I have no problem with this, and according to sources I trust as well as my most trusted, my provider, this isn’t an issue.

She can still put herself to sleep – I see her do it during the day for naps all the time, but for some reason at night she is wired. She will just roll around in bed talking away – I love to hear it, but not so much at 3 am.

This is what we are currently struggling with – last night was probably the worst, I think she woke up almost every hour from 830 pm forward. Long night for mama (and yes, my husband helps as much as he can but lately she won’t settle except for on the boob).

All that being said – the timing of this ‘regression’ makes sense since she is definitely working on a few milestone achievements and this month was full of a few other big ones..

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Just after she turned 6 months (and I posted my last blog on her development), she sat up unassisted!

It took her the rest of the month to get stronger – she was only doing it for just under a minute to begin with, but now she’s a superstar sitter! I helped her by using our Boppy pillow (below) at the beginning, but she doesn’t need it anymore (though I sometime use it as a safe guard because her turns to belly are not yet graceful).

I’m attending a webinar through The Parenting Series in about a month with a physiotherapist talking about how best parents can support early movements and motor skills – I’m definitely going to share my notes on what I learn! I usually just look up “how can I help baby with…” and then try some things from a reliable source, but I’m hoping to get better recommendations from this webinar so keep an eye out for a post on that early September!

She can “scoot” in a circle on her belly.

She doesn’t “bum” scoot yet but has been able to scoot around on her belly since just shy of 6 months. She is very skilled at this now because between that and rolling over, she can move across a room so fast! I fear for the day she starts crawling because I already have to keep a good eye on her at all times because she’s moving so much!

Speaking of crawling – she is on the verge of doing this, I’m sure of it. The scooting started awhile ago but the past week or so she’s been up on her knees and rocking back and forth. She just hasn’t quite figured it out yet – but I hope she does because I’m convinced this is the skill that’s messing up her sleep!

She is saying more!

“Da” and “Ma” come out now but just as noises – not with purpose yet.

She has always been a chatty one but it just increases every day now! My husband and I often wonder what her voice will sound like when she gets bigger.

She is paying more attention to the small/fine details of toys and other items.

She spends a lot more time examining things now and of course – putting them in her mouth. She had an interest in different/bright colours for awhile, but now everything gets a detailed once over.

She is teething like crazy, so I ordered her a fun Tee’s Toy from Baby Tee’s Co (one of our favorite small shops from 0-4 months, and still today!) – she loves this because it’s coloured and complex (for her), and it’s mouth/teething friendly! It even has her name on it.

We got a few other things for eating from there that I’ll talk about at the end of this post (I did mention I had ordered them in my 6 month update).

Her love for music and musical toys has grown!

We currently only have 1 musical toy, however I recently asked for suggestions for others on Instagram. We have the Baby Einstein Kick Piano (I think I erroneously called it Little Einstein when I posted on Insta because mom brain at like 8 am – it ain’t great). They don’t have it on Amazon (it is in the 4-in-1 play mat with a piano) but Fisher Price has a very similar mat + piano for about the same price.

Maggie gets happy when I turn it on for her in the mornings – it’s her toy for when I get dressed and ready for the day! She laughs when I sing too, but I think that’s because my voice is horrendous…

She also now understands if she presses the keys – more noises come out!

If you have any suggestions for others musical toys (preferably nothing too annoying – for my sake) drop them on my Instagram!

She is trying really hard to clap!

Her cousin, who she loves, clapped for her the other night and Maggie started to bring her hands together in the motion! It was so cute and we’ve been trying to get her to do it more, her co-ordination just isn’t there yet. I think this will be one for my 8 month post for sure.

Splish, splash – in the bath and the lake or pool!

Maggie has been swimming for several months now (and by swimming I mean we take her in the water or use her floatie – which I talked about here) but she has recently started splashing for fun in the tub or the pool/lake.

She still doesn’t seem to be 100% interested in bath toys, but I’m hoping that now her sitting is getting stronger we can sit her up in the tub, allowing her to be able to play with more things in the bath.

Her solid food adventures continue…

I talked about her first few foods in my 6 month update and the utensils and dishes we had been using for her. I’ve added a few more baby dish items to our selection – I finally got the snacker, bowl, and tiny utensils from Baby Tee’s Co (pictured above). We also got a third silicone bib with the order (because the owner is amazing), but also you can never have enough bibs (pictured below)!

(Her bow is from Rae Bow Bowtique)

I haven’t used it yet but I also got Maggie the KLADDIG Bib from Ikea! I figured it would be good to have full coverage for some of our messier foods like baby oatmeal.

So what has she eaten this month?

A lot! I’ve bolded her favourites.


Avocado, raspberries, watermelon, celery, yellow pepper, white potato (served different ways), orange, red pepper, broccoli


Yogurt (plain), cheddar cheese


Baby oatmeal (with breast milk mixed in), rice rusks, puffs (not quite ready for them yet), bread (toasted, with cream cheese or peanut butter), an Egg waffle (for teething but I also gave her one toasted in long strips), aero root cookies, french toast (no syrup of course but it was made with eggs + cinnamon)


Meat lasagna (ground beef), eggs (has had a few times since turning 6 months with no issues!), perogies (LOVES them), pork chops (cut into long slices – mostly just sucked on them but loved!), chicken, ground turkey

I can’t wait to see how she grows this month!


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