The Elephant in the Womb Podcast: Birth Experience Series

Yep guys – I’m finally doing it! If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember that the dream for this blog actually started out as a dream for a podcast! Well – why can’t I have both?

I have wanted to do a series of interview posts with moms who have gone through different birth experiences for awhile – whether it be C-section, medicated, unmedicated, inductions, and more. I decided that the format that would be most accessible and helpful for women would probably be audio – lots of women wonder about labor & delivery and what their experience will be like, and it might be nice to just put your headphones on and tune in mindlessly while you get other things done.

I reached out on Twitter and got so many eager participant responses! I have around 26+ women who are ready and willing to share their experiences on a podcast (a few will be submitting written format responses for the blog instead).

I had them submit a brief explanation of their experience and I realized that even those who had the same “type” of birth, had vastly different experiences. As a result – this series *might* be a bit longer than I intended. I’m hoping to have 2-3 women on per episode (I was originally going to have larger groups but I want everyone to have their chance to share details, answer questions and so on).

I will also have a co-host who I will be introducing soon! I think podcasts flow nicely with two people, so I’m really excited that someone reached out to me with interest in joining in.

If you are interested in participating, I’d love to have you – shoot me a message on socials, or email me at and I can send you the Google form to facilitate intake.

I will also be looking for questions to ask on the show (in addition to ones I’ve already come up with) – so please keep an eye out for that tweet, or send me an e-mail!

Keep an eye out for more details as I have them. Can’t wait to amplify the voices of some amazing women!

Oh, P.S. – I have many other ideas for other series in the future. Depending on how this one goes. I’ll keep you guys posted!

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