6 Months of Margaret

Since I am not organized enough to do a baby book, I’ve decided to start keeping track of Maggie’s development, milestones, and growth in my blog. I use apps like Wonder Weeks and Huckleberry for tracking, but I want to be able to express myself beyond the numbers and check boxes.

I thought this also might be nice as a comparison point – I know we’re all constantly comparing babies milestones even though we shouldn’t because every baby is a little person and think how different adults are! That being said, it can sometimes be comforting to know that your baby isn’t “the only one” or that something you weren’t sure about is normal.

So Maggie is now 6 months old – how?! It still feels like yesterday that I was finding out I was pregnant. Pregnancy went by pretty slowly for me, and I enjoyed pretty much every minute up to 40 weeks when I was like “ok when is this baby coming?”. She arrived on January 8th, a Wednesday, at 11:31 am after 15 hours of labor (I talk about my labor here!). She was 8 lbs 13 oz at birth, a lot bigger than I was expecting to be carrying, and she was 21″ long, with a head circumference that was a bit over 14″ (ouch).

Now somehow that little bundle of joy has become this grown 6 month old! Spending most of our early months in isolation made time go by slow in the moment, but fast when we look back. It was nice because my husband was home (unfortunately he was laid off due to COVID-19) to see her hit many new milestones and grow daily – he said it was one of his favourite perks of being at home and not working.

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So what has Maggie been doing this month?

She can now roll over both ways with ease!

M has been rolling back to tummy since about 3.5 months – she was an “early” roller, according to her doctor. I got a little nervous when at about 5 months she stopped rolling over – it’s like she wasn’t interested in it anymore. However, at 5.5 months she started up again and it’s been non-stop since then and she’s successfully mastered the tummy to back roll, which she struggled with at a younger age. Now I can’t stop her from rolling across the room! I put her down on her play mat and she ends up off of it or on the other side from where I put her. She’s on the move but not really on the move yet, it’s weird. I like though that I don’t have to worry about her crawling yet because it makes working out with her at home still easy-ish and mama isn’t ready for early morning or late night workouts yet.

She eats her feet!

This seems to be her new obsession, and it’s been going on for about a month. Now that she has finally realized she has feet, she can’t get enough of them. They go in her mouth, beside her head, anywhere she can put them! They are the only feet in the world I actually am not grossed out by (don’t ask me why, I just don’t like ’em).

Adding rolling + feet obsession together, means she’s basically doing a flat lunge on the ground half the time, and that has helped her learn how to turn in a circle on her tummy. She pushes with her feet, and she can now reach any toy that is an arms length away from her. If she can’t reach it – she rolls over till she gets closer! Pretty smart these little people are.

She is interested in her cats and dog.

She has been noticing the pets for awhile but never really “cared” about them, but since 5 months she now gets excited to see them. She squeals in excitement, actually. She also will roll over if any of them are near her to try and get a little closer. She has gotten a good hold on all of their hair at least once (mom and dad were supervising) so far, and I’ve been constantly teaching her to be gentle. So yesterday while we were on the couch my little tabby came over and Maggie put her hand out and didn’t even try to grab him! She just let him rub against her hand. Mommy was so proud.

I do fear for them all a bit when she starts crawling… but we will cross that bridge when we get there!

She is more and more talkative each day.

M has been chatty since she could make noise, but since about 4 months it increases each week I swear. She is also learning new sounds and pitches al the time. Lately, she likes a high pitched squeal or voice and she is really into making the “mmm” sound. I swear, she has said “mum” several times but I think it is without purpose so far. I keep repeating “mama” to her in hopes that it will evolve into that though – maybe I will beat dad to this one!

She laughs, a real belly laugh!

This is one of those milestones I have been looking forward to and that doesn’t make me as sad as someone of the movement related ones – because how can you be sad about a laugh? Maggie has started to like Peek-A-Boo and other “surprise!” like movements. She also finds it really funny if I do downward dog over top of her or lift my hands in the air for any of the warrior poses when we do our mom & baby yoga class – I don’t know why, but these both get a good belly laugh out of her. I love to hear it so I try anything to get her to laugh now!

She started eating solids.

With our doctor’s support, I started M on solids about 3 weeks ago. She was showing signs of interest for awhile now, but once she could sit up in her high chair well and wasn’t tongue-thrusting (see other signs of readiness for solids; I also did a post on this which I will be adding a second part to soon here), we got the go ahead.

She has tried:

  • Banana – whole, I gave it to her in still in the peel (wash the peel if you do this!) and I have given it to her when we were at a family member’s house in our social circle in her Boon silicone feeder
  • Cucumber – sliced into longer pieces, she loves this for the coldness on her gums!
  • Rice cereal (with breast milk) – loved it the first time (ate the whole serving), not so much the second or third time I tried so we’ve moved on from that. I did this early on because although I plan to do BLW I wanted to start with a couple mushier items first to make sure she for sure wasn’t tongue thrusting and to see her true interest with food in front of her. I will be trying baby oatmeal soon though
  • Carrots – I did cooked carrots, cut similar to the cucumbers. Getting them to the right amount of cooked is kind of challenging – she didn’t mind them, I served it along side a bit that were puréed (she is not a fan of purées at all I’ve discovered through trial and error, so we will definitely be going forward with BLW now that she is 6 months)
  • Strawberry – gave this to her in the silicone feeder just for ease, she didn’t seem to crazy about it but we will try again in a BLW format soon.
  • Blueberries – tried mixed in with rice cereal two times (not a fan), and then just as a purée – not a fan of the purées as I mentioned, so will try again soon BLW.
  • Apple sauce – unsweetened. We gave this to her at the cottage since it was easy to bring with us and required no prep. We have a Ciao!Baby portable high chair that is awesome for camping, cottaging or even just going to someone else’s house.
  • Sweet potato – after banana, this seems to be her second favorite! Gave her it a bit mushed up but not puréed and she ate it with her hands and her spoon a bit – seem to love it!
  • Yogurt – loved it. I did plain greek yogurt, because that is what we had in the fridge. I want to try plain non-greek soon though because I think it was a bit sour for her (I find plain Greek to have a sour taste, which is why it’s a good sub for sour cream).

I’m planning to do eggs this weekend if we don’t go to the cottage (too far to the hospital if there was an emergency and I’m paranoid). If not we will likely do another veggie!

In the photo we are using the Ezpz Mini Mat which I love – it’s so easy to clean and it sticks right onto the top of the high chair. We also recently ordered a set of silicone bowl, utensils (easy hold) and a snacker from one of our fave shops, Baby Tee’s Co which I’ll review in my 7 month post.

Our spoon and fork are Itzy Ritzy – also love these! Maggie can grab them so easily and like most silicone items they are easy to clean. The bib is Oxo Tot – wipes clean, we got two so we can switch them but they clean so easily you really only need one unless you take one places then an extra is great. Catches all the food she drops (which is a lot).

For a cup, I got her the Munchkin Miracle 360-Degree Trainer Cup – she actually really likes it and has already figured it out. I put breast milk in, or a tiny bit of water (mostly for play). I am planning on grabbing the Ezpz tiny cup soon though – just for a different style for her to try.

And that’s 6 months of Maggie. Can’t wait to share what this next month brings soon!

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